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Visit to the province of the United States


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From March 25 to April 15, 2019, Rekha Chenattu, Superior General and Sandra Duran, General Councillor, visited the United States Province. 
The Word of God, on celebration the Annunciation, has placed our hearts with Mary to listen to the Spirit in this Province that is preparing for the century celebration for the arrival of the Assumption in the United States.
We met a provincial community that reflects well the international face of the Congregation, with a lot of life and a passionate heart for God and his Kingdom. There is a clear option for the poor and migrants and a serious commitment to vocation ministry.
CHAPARRAL, NEW MEXICO : We started in Chaparral, a presence in the outskirts of this great country. A community of the Assumption inserted at the border, trying to respond with the local Church to the drama of migration. At the border,we have been preached by the solidarity and hope of the people who embrace the pain of their brothers, who like the Good Samaritan approach to heal ; by the hope and faith of people like the young people from Cameroon ? we met at the Detention Centre.
We have seen how the Church’s call to welcome, protect, promote and integrate migrants is a reality that must be lived through small concrete actions and social commitment, as it is done through the "Casa Anunciación" project and other places where migrants are being welcomed. A Church truly committed to making the world a fair and human place. "Living on the border and letting yourself be inhabited by the border."
WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETT. An evangelical presence of great apostolic creativity, building bridges and reaching the outskirt and the poor in their mission with African, Americans, Hispanics and Filipinos. The Maria Eugenia Centre is a training area that provides a humanization foundation in the neighbourhood and assists the community life experience of a group of former AMA youth. Working with young people is really a priority.
Meetings with different groups and especially with the young people who participate or have participated in the AMA program, Volunteers and Tutoring, made us aware that training and support have been and are for each one an experience of transformation.
WESTERN PHILADELPHIA. The community wants to be a "Monastery in the City", a space of humanization where people feel included and welcomed, a place of peace and contemplation for the parish community and friends. The work with migrants is clear. To support them in their integration into the country, human promotion and the experience of faith. Community of Hispanics, Filipinos, African Americans. 
LANSDALE The main mission of the community is to provide hospitality and care for the elderly sisters, to help the patients and the Vietnamese community. With a desire to live in a contemplative dialogue, a prayer that brings life and purpose to the world and the families in a constant and confident way.



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