The Gospel of Mark

Jeunes soeurs 2016

What characteristics would we not credit Jesus in all that we have heard and known ? St. Mark spots them very clearly and more emphasizes on his humanity. From baptism to his resurrection, he illustrates his close relationship with all he chose and those who made the encounter with him. With us who relate with him every single moment, can we not testify on the same ?

Deepening on this Gospel, we encounter Jesus who willingly called the disciples to share with them his mission. To them it was a continuity of what they were doing from fishing to be fishers of men, drawing souls to him. Would this not speak of complementarity of our life with which we which share our apostolate received from the communities ? Jesus touched the lives of many who were in great need of his mercy, restoring them back to life as a way of building a new relationship first with him and then to the society since they were looked at something unworthy to relate with. This today remains our call to bring new life to the lifeless, hope to the hopeless and affirmation to those discouraged and marginalized in our communities and society.

In feeding the hungry crowd Jesus brings up the aspect of being a Good shepherd, who brought together the whole flock without discrimination. Sharing from the same source remains a sign of unity and communion, being one in Christ. We have witnessed this together baking the bread, breaking and sharing it together, a symbol of one bread one body in Christ. This becomes a reality when we live in love. We need to ask ourselves, to whom do we break our bread with ?

The Prophets

Are prophets made or created, who will answer me ? Do we not have them with us in all circumstances of life claiming to be send for healing, convey God’s message ? etc. Are you a prophet ? How do we know if we are or if they are true prophet ?
A true prophet discerns the present making relation to the past and the future. He speaks of the present with great discernment not only on what others want to hear, but mostly on what cannot get on their ears. Being consecrated persons we are set a part for God and not for ourselves, our calling is already prophetic but we need time to listen and understand what God wills for us daily, to announce what he asks of us in humility as messengers and to denounce what is not right and the infidelity in his eyes. This calls us to endure the consequence : to be in conflict with others but stands for the truth, to be isolated and even at times threatened. It’s a call to move from our comfort zone, to reach out to the peripheries where life is endangered and bring new life and at time to just remain witness. God counts on you and me as the prophets of our time are you ready or will you turn to another direction like Jonah ? When this happens what drives us ? Fear of martyrdom or loneliness in the midst of our communities and society ? Others have taken the challenge what about you ? Go now and deliver the messenger with the strength that the Lord has given to you ; he is always there for you.

Visit to Lisieux

You will agree with me, what is to be a saint if not to do ordinary things in an extra-ordinary way. What a blessing in the family to be recognized as witnesses of a life well lived and rewarded by our Heavenly Father through the Church. This is none the less than the family of Therese of Lisieux. Being the last born of the family may be not much was expected of her but the conviction of her deepest desire of her heart made her star of her time to this very day. The candles burning day in day out a living witness to the lives of many. She lived simply and in everything she learnt to smile at it and pray. What a challenge, can we count on any instance that we have not lamented and how much time we spend on that, St. Therese remains an example to emulate, ask her that she may teach us how to sail the world’s tempestuous with self-abandonment and love of a child who is aware that his father cherish him.
Terese received her graces on the Christmas where God made miracle for her source of tears which dried up and had since then reopened rarely with difficulty. This convinced her of being able to live in the Carmelites at the age of fifteen since before she would cry for anything little and then later cry for having cried.
Like her, may creatures be nothing to us but may Jesus be everything. May we never be troubled by things of the earth and nothing disturb our peace. Let us ask God for peace and infinite love without limit which is no longer I that lives but Jesus. What better teacher can we have than the one set apart for us by God namely St. Therese of the child Jesus. How can we express his love if not in the little ways of our daily living !
This must be the fruit of what she learnt and lived in family. The love from the parents and her sisters. Today her parents are honored as saints in the same church not to mention the on-going process of the beatification of her Sister, who knows if the whole family may end up being canonized. This is a sign of the holy family.
Our visit to Lisieux helps us to deepen our way of living in the community and relating with others simply and in a humble way. Not seeking to be recognized but remain charitable and joyful in the midst of contradictions.

Psalms and the Liturgy

Why do we begin our day always with pray if not ; To meet God before the circumstances of life, Talk to God before talking to many people, Hear from heaven before receiving any breaking news, To get into God’s presence before the presence of the people, To be fed spiritually before feeding our bodies and To sweep our hearts before sweeping our yard. Thus we underline that prayer is our primary vocation and should be given the priority.
In praying the Divine Office we remain in communion with the Church and the entire universe present her petitions, suffering, joys and gratitude to the Father. This affirms our mission given at the service of the Church. This calls for self-forgetfulness and turning on the deepest desire of our hearts, to enter to whatever is offered to us to prayer for and to pray with, especially when the psalms do not speak to us but keep in mind that it is no longer our own prayer. It is here that we are called to be creative and remain at Kairos God’s time taking into consideration what is happening around us and globally and join in the Spirit of prayer to the situations and events taking place.
We are grateful to Marie Eugenie who in her time was convinced of the importance of our contemplative life and emphasized on it. Being her daughters, let us not be overtaken by our apostolic life and forget to come back to our source and be nourished mind and heart. This will have a positive impact on our way of doing things and even relating to others.
Let us not be pressurized by time, always wanting to shorten the Office because we have a lot to do, let us make discernment that fits our lifestyle and what we want to drop but not loss the meaning of our Office. Marie Eugenie states it very well, “The world needs our works but also our silence and calm.” The Office will help us listen to ourselves and others thus humanize our relationships.

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