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Taize : living a parable of communion

Jeunes soeurs 2016

We experienced Taize as a place of an ecumenical group of brothers living together in a modern form of monastic vocation welcoming tens of thousands of young adults for pilgrims. Extending with passion and zeal the mission and spirituality of brother Roger who inspired by love, awoke in him an immediate response that something must be done to answer the urgency of Christian and witness in a world scarred by memories and faced with temptations of agnosticism and indifferences. It all began with small old apartment and began to offer hospitality to political refugees and later families uprooted by the globe war in the name of the gospel. Today it quenches the thirst of many souls spiritually or humanly and ensures bright future to the young as they make discernment of who they are.

The bell rings out at every proper time inviting people to prayer, a prayer that unfolds in every language within a simple spare liturgy. The fidelity presence of the community in the central path of the church is the rock upon which the Lord establishes our own personal prayer. Their presence supports the surrounding crowd. This calls our attention on possibilities that exist in our daily life as the community supports us in our own prayer life. The chanted prayer allows in each person the desire for God to well up and helps us enter into contemplative waiting. 

For us Taize is a place to listen to self and God living in wonder and letting our hearts thrills, try to understand oneself and make links to the realities of our own life. This affirms in us that each journey is unique passing through recognition and acceptance of oneself as the beloved of God and bearer of unique name which is revealed to us in prayer and contemplation, searching deeply until the irreplaceable gift given each one of us is revealed. This is facilitated by long silence after the word of God as a space of inner freedom which is common in prayer.

In Taize we witnessed her as a place of reconciliation with self, God and others, becomes an instrument in the heart of the Church in living ministry of reconciliation and forgiveness, she offers opportunity to express repentance of heart through listening and offering the sacrament of reconciliation, thus receiving the welcome of the Father just like the prodigal son.

The beautiful nature, in the garden is a place of silence welcoming one to withdraw to the desert in order to recognize the gift of God in one’s life. We were inspired by the opportunity given to each one to venerate the cross casting all that we carry with us to Christ, this freedom of worship extended to the daily life lived in the entire Taize community which is reflected on the trust and confidence shown to the young people in facilitating to run the center, this has instilled in them a sense of responsibility and belonging to a wider community.

We feel motivated by their life that links to all aspect of their live, a life that one needs to experience to savor its sweetness : putting all their talents and gifts at the service of each other, investing most of their time in the presence of God and the joy of being brothers to everyone. As daughters of M.M.E who desired and loved the Divine Office we are encouraged to invest more time in our prayer and to be fully present as a way of being generous to Him who has given us the freedom of using our time as we wish.

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