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Sr. Sheryl - Welcome and opening remarks

2018 - Rencontre internationale d’éducation

Buenas Tardes ! Konnichiwa ! Bonne Apres-Midi ! Alasiri Nzuri ! Salama ! Boa Tarde (Tarje) ! Buon Pomerriggio ! Laba diena ! Goedemiddag ! Good Afternoon ! Magandang Hapon po sa ating lahat ! MABUHAY ! It is wonderful for all of us to come together this afternoon to mark the opening of this International Educators’ Gathering, the first of its kind in the Congregation to be held outside the continent of Europe.

To each and every one, on behalf of all the Sisters and Lay Partners in our Province of South East Asia, I say : WELCOME and MABUHAY !

When you first came here, you were welcomed to the Provincial Community Formation Center. You were also welcomed to our two communities here in San Lorenzo – Emmaus and Cana. Some have had the opportunity to be welcomed to our other communities and schools – Iloilo, Antipolo, Baguio, Sibalom, Passi and Bo. Obrero. Today, in a special way, we formally welcome you to Assumption College !

For all these moments and gestures, we welcome you to Assumption in South East Asia ! MABUHAY !

Thank you for giving us, your Sisters and Lay Partners in the Province of South East Asia this wonderful privilege and immense JOY to host this international educators’ gathering in the congregation which, happens, outside of Europe, for the first time.

It was in our 2015 CGP in Guatamela when the impetus to organize this GATHERING sprung forth. Composition of the International Education Ad Hoc Team, planning and preparations began soon after – an undertaking prepared for for almost two years…and today, it has become a REALITY ! You find yourselves at the threshold of an EXPERIENCE, which the organizing team had envisioned and hoped will enable all of you to be :

  • Rooted in the timeless charism of the Congregation and Marie Eugenie
  • Impassioned by the personal experiences of transformation and the various expressions of Assumption Education – today
  • Daring/ Audacious to identify and welcome what is new in our mission of Education today.

It is not by coincidence, but by God’s marvelous design that this GATHERING happens in our Province at the time when we are celebrating in our local context the :

  • One hundred twenty-six year (126) anniversary of the foundation of the first community of the Religious of the Assumption in the Philippines. At the behest of Queen Regent Maria Cristina of Spain, a very good friend of Mere Marie Celestine, on March 11, 1892, a Royal Decree created the Escuela Normal Superior de Maestras of Manila. It was in December of that year when four (4) of our Sisters from Spain arrived in a steamer boat Isla de Panay. Thanks to the Province of Spain for the gift and the sacrifice of sending and making possible the crossing over of the Sisters to form part of our first community on these distant shores…
  • On March 4, 1893 (125 years !), twelve (12) more Sisters arrived from Spain. The reinforcement made possible the opening of the first Superior Normal School for Women in Calle Anda in Intramuros, on July 2, 1893. Under the administration and direction of the Religious of the Assumption, our first 100 students, came to enroll.
  • Silver (25 years) Jubilee of the Marie Eugenie Institute. Founded in 1992 as the Significant Act of the Centennial Year of Assumption presence in the Philippines, the Mere Marie Eugenie Institute is a Center for Research and adult Formation on the philosophy and principles of education of St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus.

Our ways of preparation, organization and welcome are EXPRESSIONS of our deep and GRATITUDE for what we, ourselves, have received. As we say WELCOME and MABUHAY, we also say THANK YOU, MARAMING SALAMAT PO, from the bottom of our hearts !

And so, we GATHER and CELEBRATE !
Feel at HOME ! This is YOUR HOME --- this OUR HOME ! WELCOME ! MABUHAY !

Sr. Sheryl
Provincial Superior Southeast Asia (SEA)

Religious of the Assumption

1 March 2018
Assumption College


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