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Singa Shini in Moshi, Tanzania


Celebration of St Marie-Eugenie at Singa Shini in Moshi

As we commemorated the 3rd feast day of Saint Marie Eugenie, Moshi Town community, Sangiti Community and Singa Chini the welcoming Community and their co-workers met to celebrate this event together with the entire Sangiti secondary school.

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Singa Shini

The preparations had started with a novena as from the 2nd March to help the students to experience a long period of prayer that would awaken the desire to be close to God.

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On the eve of 10th March the retreat started at 3.00pm given by a diocesan priest. The theme was ‘we are created in the image and likeness of God.’ The priest emphasized on St Marie Eugenie who believed strongly in the human being created in the image and likeness of God. Quoting the motto of MME that is “All is from ?all is for ?all must be for Jesus ChrChrist”. This reflects that image of God in us. We are challenged in our world today, immersed in the reality of globalization and information technology, there is a tendency to loose that image of God in us. It is that being of God in us that enables us to accomplish the mission that God has entrusted to each one of us.
The students lived a moment of reconciliation accompanied by the sisters. This was very moving as the students voiced their deep prayers with passion. Such an experience developed a call to accompany the young people to a point of letting the spirit of God be in their possession. All IS FROM JESUS CHRIST ?” These words remained an echo in our pilgrimage as the Sangiti school community walked together from Sangiti about 5 kilometers to Singa Chini community. On 10th March 2010 morning the pilgrimage started at Sangiti Secondary School to Singa Chini. On the way we prayed, sang and enjoyed God’s presence. The posters that echoed the words of St Marie Eugenie were carried by the pilgrims. All is from Jesus Christ ?. And their respoonse was ‘and let it be’.

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The Chaplain, Sr. Constansia Maria the Provincial and sisters received the pilgrims at Singa Chini with short prayer and the Chaplain bless all with holy water. We were about 500 people and the mass was celebrated out side.
The priest who prepared the students again emphasized on that Image of God in us that we need to be constantly aware in our daily living. In his homily he stressed that, the call of St Marie Eugenie for the educators is to educate and form in view of the transformation of the human person and not only for the sake of examination.
Speeches, entertainments and refreshments continued after mass. All these portrayed how the students understand St Marie Eugenie and her vision in education and her spirituality that they own. It was amazing listening to a sketch of a dialogue prepared by the students showing St Marie Eugenie today. Marie Eugenie in the sketch expressed how happy she was to discover her call, how she loved her time and mission, her sisters and concern to bring forth the existence of Assumption today. In our times this is what the students stressed “Adoration, Education, Justice, Peace will make the earth place of glory for God”.

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The provincial in her speech challenged each one to give a gift to MME ; that would bring a change in our lives so as to embrace the values of St Marie Eugenie on this day as we celebrated her holiness. She encouraged us to ask for a gift from our Mother, something that will help us live for God and for his people. For MME education is not only filling the mind with information but to allow the goodness that is in everyone to break through. The challenge is recognizing that goodness in each person even in the most wicked people e. g. thieves and to learn to respect one another. She also emphasized that education must be transformative, there must be change and that we strive to transform our little spheres of influence. It was a great day, filled with joy, everyone participated fully with liberty and MME was very present.

“All is from Jesus Christ ; all is for Jesus Christ and All belong to Jesus Christ” St M.M.E
And let it be
Thanks to Sangiti Secondary School Community for taking the initiative to celebrate ST.MME 2010.

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