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Silver Jubilee Celebration at Vietnam


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Dear Sisters,

“This is the day that the Lord has made, we rejoice and are glad…” 25 years of Assumption’s presence in Vietnam…25 years of blessings. Today is an important moment to thank God for His many blessings. He is the God of History, accompanying and blessing us in our personal and community journey.

In 1994, the mission in Vietnam started in a difficult and precarious situation, lived as a hidden and humble insertion for so many years but experienced as having the real protective presence of God. This mission was special for it was under the jurisdiction of the General Council for some 20 years. In 2013, Vietnam formed part of the new South East Asia Province together with the Philippines and Thailand. In 2018, the South East Asia Province welcomed Japan and the Asia Pacific Province came to be.

The Jubilee Celebration began with a Session that gathered and re-read the 25 years presence of the Assumption in Vietnam. It was a grace that all 32 Vietnamese Sisters were able to participate. In August of this year, the Youth Festival gathering about 200 young people from different parishes for a day of prayerful reflection. Then the 8 days retreat of the Sisters focused on : Jubilee, a Time of Thanksgiving.

Today, we gathered at the Parish Church in Bhui Phat for the culmination of this year-long celebration. We give praise and thank God for His fidelity and love. We give special thanks to our ex-Superior Generals who took special care and gave much attention to this emerging mission : Sr. Clare Teresa, Sr. Cristina Maria, Sr. Diana and Sr. Martine. We also thank our present Superior General, Sr. Rekha Chennattu, who sends her greetings and love from Congo as well as all the Provinces who have sent the sisters to join this celebration : France (Sr. Catherine Myriam and Sr. Marie Reine), Europe (Sr. Emmanuel Bac), East Africa (Sr. Vicenta), U.S. (Sr. Nha Trang and Sr. Clare Teresa) and Spain (Sr. Cristina Maria). We are very grateful to Bishop Joseph (Main Celebrant) and the 18 priests who concelebrated in the mass and showed their support for us. Thank you to all those who laboured quietly, patiently and lovingly in all the preparations that made this event beautiful and meaningful. Finally, to all those who have come from near and far and those who are in spiritual communion with us, thank you and God bless us all and our mission in Vietnam.

 With much love and gratitude,
Sr. Lerma Victoria, r.a.




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