Shalom !

Jeunes soeurs 2016

Shalom Srs,

We are grateful to share with you our experience since we arrived in the land of our mother St. Marie Eugenie. We received warm welcome from the General and Auteuil communities.

On 15th April 2016, the session was opened officially by Sr. Martine with very inspiring words calling upon our attention to reread in truth the path we have taken with CHRIST until now, to welcome our life and offer it to the Lord consciously and decisively. The group is composed of ten nationalities, four provinces and three congregations : the R.A, ANDP and Missionary Sisters of the Assumption. We have the joy of living fully our internationality.

We have been rereading our personal history, the history of 19th century of our particular countries and the life of Marie Eugenie. We are privileged to discover the beauty of each sister and our uniqueness and yet called to share the project of extending God’s kingdom.

On 22 to 24, we were given the chance to follow the footsteps of St. Marie Eugenie in Lorraine and discovered her roots from her grand papa, home stead and the church of St. Segolen. We witnessed Mr. Norbert Sin one among many who have experienced healing through M.M.E. He was burnt by wax at night rescuing his house from fire, he slip and fell on the hot wax ; the burns were approximately 400c. The physician promised him to recover after six months but he recovered after 28 days. Today he has no scar, what a joy ! We also witnessed their joy in receiving us and freely sharing their life.

At the Church of St. Segolen, under the chaplaincy of the Polish priests we had the joy of participating in the animation of Eucharistic celebration and after we had snacks with the parish priest and the parishioners. The parish priest promised that they will install the relics of St. Marie Eugenie in the church next to those of St. Paul II and St. Faustina as a way of marking the bi-centenary.
In our experience we were able to discover in depth the generosity of the life given to service of the Church, God’s fidelity in St. Marie’s life and her recognition by the Church which she loved and served. We witnessed patience, talents and creativity of the people in building big Cathedrals. We feel encouraged and called to bring with great patience our stone to build the Assumption in the fragile world of today.

Deepening on our consecrated life, humility, joy and community life has been a moment to renew our way of life as a means to live fully our vocation, to open wide our hearts allowing God to dwell in us and those whom He has given us in gratitude, simplicity and charity. Following the footsteps of St. Marie Eugenie in Paris we were able to discover her humility, love and hope in living in a small apartment as the beginning of the community life. We also made an experience of passing through the holy door of mercy in the Church of St. Sulpice carrying each one of you in the provinces and communities dedicating all our desires and needs to the merciful Father.

Finally we had the joy and the blessings of celebrating the feast of our foundation closer to our Mother, with her we recognize the blessings, success and continuity of the works she witnessed and lived from the beginning. We wish you all God’s blessings in taking the initiative to extend God’s kingdom each day.

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