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Riad : Experiences with the Catholic Charistmatic Renewal movement


Today, each of small group went to different Evangelical group in town including Charismatic Group which has been proved by Vatican. Another day of our experience, God always finds a new way to teach us something new and meaningful. Even if we are in different places, attend in different Evangelical groups, small or large communities, we all agree that we were received with a great sense of unity and acceptance.

The Charismatic group, which was our host today, all prepared when we arrived. Each one has his/her own responsibility. They were very enthusiastic with the Eucharistic celebration. The priest was simply a minister of the Word. He proclaimed the Gospel and gave a sermon. Then, he consecrated Bread and Wine with the Eucharistic prayer. All other parts of the Mass were taking care of by non-ordained minister(s). Attended the Charismatic Eucharistic celebration, it was a joy to see all members ; I would like to repeat loud and clear that all members of congregation participated actively in the celebration. I have to admit that I haven’t seen any community in which people sang, replied, and served with the beauty of the unity of the celebration. The other aspect I would like to share is the way they pray. In the prayer of the faithful, they brought all members of the Church into their prayers with the movements of their hands, bodies, even some “spoke in tongue” in the very soft music background. They did the same after the Prayer after Communion. The celebration really gave them the sense of community, of belonging. Most importantly, it created a space and allowed them to express themselves in worship with songs and prayers. At the end of the Mass, the image of Blessed John XXIII, who called to open the Vatican II, came to my mind. I thank God for the gift of his vision which really responds to the “religious desires” of human beings in the few decades of the 20th century and the Millennium generation. It brings me hope and joy of being a member of the Church.

Thus different groups have had different experiences of the host. We all give thanks to God for this experience and with great desire to continue or start working on ecumenical dialogue which is one of many aspects of the Assumption family charism : Thy Kingdom come.

Br. Dinh, A.A.

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