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Sr. Philomena Thomas

1. What was your impression when you learned you had been named to the Commission ?

 I was confused and happy at the same time. Confused because i did not know anything about the task involved and whether i am competent enough for the work expected of the commission.
I was happy and hopeful because i felt my committment to Justice and the poor is being recognized in the congregation.

2. What is your best souvenir of education ?

My best experience of education was during my years of working with the poor people in the villages of Belgaum.I was with them with out knowing their language, their culture, and their history. I had only the great desire to become part of their life, to learn from the poor and to dream together for a better life for them and for a more just world.
3. What educative experience has revealed something about yourself ?

Living and working with the poor people revealed to myself what i am and what i am not. The Poor educated me !!

I have learned the following lessons for my life :
* I am an alien to the reailities of the poor.
* I need to deculture myself and allow myself to plunge into the life realities of the Poor.
* I have learned that the poor are the privilaged of God and He has a project to liberate them.
* I have to be part of this project of God and collaborate with Him to promote Justice, fredom and dignity to the poor.
* I have learned the poor have much more to offer to me than i can offer them.

Philomena Thomas, ra
India, Pune - 16/09/2010


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