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Philippines, Mindanao - To experience God is to experience our interdependence with all reality


The Present Context :

  • A Christian-Muslim community where the vision of the peace sanctuary has now been adopted by the whole municipality with the assistance of Assisi foundation.
  • The on-going GRP-MILF peace process with the MILF comprehensive draft and its implications
  • The Muslims (especially the group of Delabayen) consider SVA as a partner for the work of peace. (this accounts for the increased number of Muslims in SVA this year).
  • The teachers/ students have grown in the consciousness of shalom/ interdependence and have begun to bring the vision and understanding of shalom to their families, purok and in the colleges where they are studying

La communauté en visite dans le quartierThe Irreplaceable Role of the RA : A Religious Community called to be a contemplative presence, introduced the Vision and the Project of the Peace Sanctuary in Kauswagan and has ensured the spiritual foundation, the on-going formation, and the accompaniment of this process particularly in St. Vincent¡¦s Academy.

This project includes :

  1. a (faith informed gaze) way of looking at reality, the continual discernment of the Divine Presence in that reality and
  2. 2) JPICS as our response and participation in God¡¦s plan in this context of Kauswagan (Shalom is our).

Les élèvesIn the light of this role and the developments in our municipality, the Religious community together with our lay partners and the young are challenged to live communion through a deepened understanding and consciousness of our interdependence with God, humans and all of creation so that this consciousness becomes a Way of Life ( from 2010 cty project)

Thus this year (2011-2012), we choose to :

1. Deepen our capacity to discern the presence of the Divine within us and in all of reality,

  • by sharing in compline where we had a sense of God¡¦s pervading Presence throughout the day
  • by a weekly study on discernment in living JPICS (focus on communion and interdependence) to be animated by teams

2. Continue to form and accompany our lay partners and the young to JPICS as the framework of their faith life,

  • by spiritual accompaniment, formation sessions that will deepen the awareness of our communion and interdependence.
  • Have a special sensitivity to the students who have special needs or challenges
  • by intentional and processed ¡§BABAD¡¨ on JPICS such as a visit to another peace sanctuary (Zamboanga with the aid of Assisi and Sr. Michelle, RGS) and in the homes of our scholars.
  • by providing opportunities that will nurture those with possible religious vocations.

3. Live consciously our interdependence through concrete actions

  • Cantine écologiqueContinue to move towards zero waste and choose products that are earth friendly
  • Harness the religio-cultural resources and create opportunities for different faiths to work together for JPICS
  • Create structures that express our interdependence (ex. In our economic life, etc)
  • Network with communities sharing the same vision of shalom (Assisi, the municipality, etc.)
  • Coordinate with other Assumption Communities in Mindanao for our on-going formation towards a common framework of JPICS.


The peace sanctuaryIn the July regional assembly : invite our three RA communities in Mindanao to launch a discernment on the future presence of the RAs in Mindanao. (Where are we called to be present and what is the form of presence we are challenged to live now ?
The irreplaceable role… in the light of our present context and the possible restructuring in the province) (one year)
Bold action already launched : Muslim student provided with Arabic and Muslim value formation during CLE practicum and an agreement with the parents of the manner of follow-up of students during their Friday prayer time.

(Mindanao, Philippines)


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