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1 :: Off to a good start !

3e An 2015

On Tuesday, the 14th of April 2015 – in this joyful season of Easter, the Third Year officially started with Sr. Martine Tapsoba delivering her Opening Remarks before all of 22 sisters from 14 countries representing 10 provinces and 1 region of Madagascar, fully attentive and open to all that the next three (3) months have to offer them.

Indeed this is a privileged moment of grace and all are desirous and united in being completely present here in the Mother House very near St. Marie Eugenie, during this time of renewal ! It is a blessing that this year’s Third Year is taking place in this year of Consecrated Life ! And it is for this reason that the theme for this year is –

Consecrated life : in the joy of a faithful "Yes"
foud, touched, ans transformed !

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The 3rd Year Community

The First Week was one of many Introductions – where the sisters presented themselves, their respective Provinces and Communities as well as their fields of mission – while they were also given an overview of what they might expect for the rest of the three (3) months.

Soon the Sessions about the Congregation will begin that will bring the group the following weekend in the footsteps of Marie Eugenie in Lorraine.

There is a light and warm spirit of family that is perceptible among the sisters and each one is beginning to feel more and more at ease – transcending language and cultural differences --- celebrating internationality in Liturgy and in a rich and life-giving community.

Sr MarJo, ra


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