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October 6th, Post-Pepeng - From Sr. RegiVic

2009 - Typhoon "Ondoy"

Yesterday’s Philippine Star carried a heart-lifting article by Tony Meloto :

The best Filipinos in the worst of times” - a beautiful account of city-wide, nation-wide solidarity worth downloading from philstar.com. What he saw, what many of us saw and experienced of the innate beauty of our national ethos is something very hard to forget. Calamity broke down walls that separated the rich and the poor. The tragedy has turned despair to hope and created new heroes form everywhere.

Meanwhile Pepeng cannot get out of the Ilocos area as he is blocked by another typhoon coming from the China Sea and Quedan that just entered our area of responsibility early this morning from the Pacific Ocean. God hears our cry as the new typhoons are expected to pass over Batanes without landing on our soil. Almost 25 lives were lost in Northern Luzon and 400+ million pesos of rice harvest. PAG-ASA has traced 4 more incoming typhoons after Pepeng. These are indeed very trying moments. There must be more treasures suffering will dig and bring to the fore from us. I pray and hope these gifts will be translated into concrete and lasting changes in our society.

Just as help from the global community is pouring in, so are Balikbayan boxes and cash from our International Assumption Family starting to arrive. We are seeing a new face of “Assumption Together”. Sisters Fe and Ana Maria, Milette O. & Silver Jubilarians will meet tomorrow for greater coordination in our operations. Assessments are being done in several levels & areas so we can conduct the rehabilitation stage well. Besides families in Malibay, we have many staff members who lost homes or still stay in houses submerged in water, especially in areas along Laguna de Bay, Marikina & Pasig rivers.

What’s happening in Assumption is multiplied in all Catholic schools, parishes, local government units, TV stations, even politicians’ headquarters turned into Relief centers,etc I think that we are living a moment I want to call God’s moment. It is good to be here.

Regular classes have resumed in Malibay, San Lorenzo, Antipolo & San Simon. The San Lorenzo College Lobby is the reception center for relief goods that continue to pour in. Packaging & delivery work goes on. Our administrators want to 3,000+ students to see this daily activity even as they prepare for the semestral exams. We, at the MEI and the Assumption Together Lay Formation team have also resumed our work to prepare for the Assumption Together Congress, the MEI tracks in November and the ongoing lay formation sessions in Baguio, Cebu and San Lorenzo. We know many interior movements are also going on, so we continue to read God’s action in our lives today.. It’s a pleasant surprise to see a huge international website carry this headline : “A new super-thyphoon heading towards the Philippines. Filipinos brace and pray.

May we never cease to turn to God at all times.

Sr. Regina Victoria

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