October 5-6, 2009


- Monday and Tuesday, October 5 and 6

After visiting the neighborhood of the Provincial house yesterday afternoon, here we are once more at work : reorganized in the meeting room by language groups to make our exchanges easier - a real Montessori class !

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Les provinciales au travail

Sister Diana shared messages that have come from other communities, a deep communion of prayer ; she also read to us the message of “Paul,” a Jesuit expert at the synod who is close to the community of Abidjan - a direct echo [of the African synod taking place in Rome] that invites us to listen in depth to something not affected by the media. Marie Emmanuel offered us a synthesis of the first step of our work, with some questions that remain, reflections to hold on to and to return to during the rest of our the work or just to keep in the background ; then she introduced the work of the day. We began by a reflection together on our “identity,” a word that kept coming up in the aftermath of the provincial reports - identity as an Assumption Sister and the manner in which we live our realities.

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Sans légende !!!

Then we had an account of the work of the Commission on Education (May 2009). Together, we exchanged whatever “consolations” we felt from this work and the points that would be important to strengthen that could open new paths for today. Listening, sharing, seeking together...

Continuing on the broad topic of education, that night we moved on to Tanzania. We saw a PowerPoint presentation concerning the Pope’s school : how things are going, questions that are currently being addressed and those that will still need to be considered.

- Wednesday, October 7

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Statue de la Vierge

Wednesday we took on the big topic of formation before working by continent.

We can’t forget, either, the preparations made for the immersion : from Thursday to Sunday, we will have the great opportunity to visit eight religious communities (Daloa and those of seven other congregations) for three days, in groups of two or three : four sites are places not far from Abidjan while the other four are quite far : Yamoussoukro, Bouaké and Daloa.) The missions are diverse ; some are social, some educational, and some health-oriented.)

It is a remarkable experience ; our gratitude can’t be put into words. Our return is scheduled for next Sunday. Before leaving, on Thursday morning, we will listen to a presentation about the Ivory Coast by a journalist of the country.

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