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Mission and Vision

AMA Philippines

Mission :

Men and Women,
Young and Old,
Poor and Rich,
From the cities to the barrios,
Diverse cultures and situations,
We, the lay missionary community,
Inspired by Blessed Marie Eugenie,
United in an experience with a people
Working towards a liberating education
and with a vision of a transformed Christian Filipino society,
Offer our lives in the spirit of missionary zeal to become one with Christ and
His Church as we answer the call to love, to serve, to liberate.

Vision :

A community of young professionals
whose life and mission are rooted
in the love of Jesus Christ and
His Church and committed to the
Christian transformation of society
through the education and formation
of the poor and the young.

Objectives :

Develop, enhance and sustain the commitment of young people to community service through formation programs. 

Create opportunities for young professionals to experience direct community service to poor communities by rendering volunteer work in schools, parishes, NGO’s and church organizations.

Assist schools, parishes, NGOs and church organizations by providing them with volunteers to assist in the formation and education of the poor and the young.

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