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Lively, sensitive, spontaneously turned towards others, Marie Eugenie offered her friendship widely : to her own first of all and particularly to her uncle de Francessin, the confident ; to the first Sisters of the Assumption even before they gathered together ; to each of her daughters eventually. 

Her broad ideas, her vast culture solidly linked her with the learned/scholars, men of the Church, politicians engaged with all their strength in the renewal of the 19th century. With them she is enthusiastic for the future. She was not indifferent towards persons, and did not leave them indifferent either ; she opened her mind and heart and her strong influence was full of charm.

Her personality called forth friendship and she needed it. She was not afraid of it. Nothing shrunk before this warmth in relationships, nothing fearful, a great passion for Christ enlightened everything and left her free and yet deeply vibrant, tender in her expressions, delicate in her gestures and her manifestations of affection.

Father, You inspired Saint Marie Eugenie to consecrate her whole life to You for the extensión of Your Kingdom. Glorify the power of Your love in her and grant us the grace we ask of You through her intercession : ...................
Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.


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Mufide Mary R - 15 août 2017, 23:15

Fathers, brothers, sisters, For the sake of Jesus, please pray for the soul of my mother Nedime and my dear deceased lists.
And for me Mufide Mary and my family and my Father Mehmet and all my brothers and sisters and all my dear ones and my dear people, for healing, forgiveness, long life, Divine Mercy, conversion and baptism, holy life, religious life and salvation. For Kıngshıp of Jesus ın our lıfes ın my country and ın the world.
God Bless !

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