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Manila, Philippines - The Transformative Education in this Year of Faith


A number of universities approached us to inquire about Assumption College and invited us for partnership programs that may take different forms like student/faculty exchange programs, cultural and educational exposures or shared faculty formation. Every partnership is unique and the choice depends on the shared vision and mission of the school as well as the direction identified in our Strategic Plan.

In line with our thrust R I S E (Relevance-Integrity-Sustainability-Excellence) TO WIDER HORIZONS, we purposefully design programs and activities that will provide opportunities for “Learning beyond boundaries” in view of our national membership in the ASEAN Community by 2015 and to enhance global perspectives in education

While in Bangkok, we formalized our partnership with St. John’s University through the signing of the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for different kinds of educational exchange and sharing which includes the Basic Education Department. This coming February 18 to March 19, 2013, two of their teachers will come for immersion into our culture and educational system for a month. Mr. Chainarong, the Chancellor of St. John’s University–Bangkok wrote in his letter of request :

“As you know, Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country, with about 95% of the population Buddhist. These two teachers are based at Sahavith School outside Bangkok. The school is affiliated to St. John’s in Bangkok. This is our way of “New Evangelization.” When they have agreed to affiliate with us, we can go to them at any time and provide them with academic support as well as proclaiming the Good News. During their stay at San Lorenzo, the two teachers will in a way immerse in Catholic environment 24/7. With their stay at San Lo, both academic and religious experience will naturally be shared to other teachers and students. I would appreciate it if you would include them in any religious activity, including taking them to Sunday Mass during their home-stay. Our grateful thanks for your support and understanding. It is a privilege for us to be able to evangelize through Catholic education."

Today, Mr. Kochi Masayuki, the chief of Kobe College International Program Center came to formally bring the MOU signed by the president of Kobe College for Women in Japan. This College was established in 1875 by two American lay women missionaries “to promote an educational philosophy based on Christianity and on the development of character and intellect to live richly.” Their International Programs include open classes, club activities, short-term stay and other programs for international exchange and partnership with other schools.

In July, I accompanied 5 Communication students and one professor to visit Kobe College. It was a one-week intensive immersion into the Japanese culture complete with workshops on Ikebana flower arrangement, calligraphy, tea ceremony, Haiku, and the Bunrako ancient theater presentation. We also visited our school and community in Mino-o where our San Lorenzo High School students stay for the Student Exchange Program every year. When the students went for the overnight homestay with their host families, I had my homestay with our sisters at the Ishinari community. I came home with a deeper appreciation for our mission in Japan.

Last September, the 2nd group of Kobe College students came for a 10-day stay in San Lorenzo. They had a program that included visits to the ecological sites and Outreach Centers. While in campus, they joined classes in Communication and Theater Arts, and watched the performing arts presentation of METTA (Marie Eugenie Theater of the Assumption)- Zodiac 1 : The Myth of Prometheus and Pandora. Opportunities for mutual enrichment truly offer transformative experiences that can last for a lifetime !

The call towards global networking and partnerships, challenges us to offer a transformative education anchored on a strong value-system empowered by faith that will enable them to become effective agents of change wherever they may find themselves or whatever career they choose to pursue.

With the celebration of the YEAR OF FAITH, our Assumption Education continues to seek relevant ways of making this renewed evangelization a life-giving experience for the young ...making it our special gift to this generation and the next. As we review our Teachers’ Training Enrichment Program, we made an option to have a more purposeful integration of the Catechetical Instruction, Liturgy and Faith Formation as part of the Values Education Program so that we can form and multiply faith-filled educators who can educate persons with “Character for life, life for God !”

Exciting ! Challenging ! Transforming ! With Mother Marie Eugenie, we love our time ! May we draw our inspiration to RISE beyond the horizons with a passion that impels us “to make our world a place of glory for God !” (SME)

New Year Greetings from San Lorenzo !

Sister Carmela Pesongco,r.a.
San Lorenzo Community
Manila, Philippines


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