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Le conseil général 2006-2012


- Le 24 juillet 2006, le Chapitre général 2006 élisait une nouvelle Supérieure générale : Soeur Diana Wauters, américaine.

Voici comment elle se présentait :

I was born into an immigrant family in Greensboro, NC in 1942. I am the middle child and I have an older brother and a younger brother. All of my formal education took place in Pennsylvania, where I entered the Assumption (1960) in Philadelphia immediately after highschool. I did graduate studies in sociology and education and obtained my MSW (Masters in Social Work) from the University of Pennsylvania.
I worked as a teacher both in our Assumption schools and parochial schools until 1971, when I went to the Province of West Africa until 1987 with 5 years (1976-1980) for studies in the States. After returning to the States in 1987, I started working in the field of mental health and substance abuse as a therapist. I continue to work in that field with the largely immigrant population on the US-Mexican Border in Chaparral, NM.
I served on the general council from 1994 - 2000.

- Le 27 juillet 2006, le Chapitre général élisait le nouveau Conseil général. Il s’agit des soeurs Brigitte Coulon (Française - Province du Mexique), Katrin Goris (Belge - Province d’Europe du Nord), Maria-Emmanuel Melocotón (Philippine - Province des Philippines-Thaïlande), Martine Tapsoba (Burkinabé - Province d’Afrique de l’Ouest).

De gauche à droite : Srs Martine, Brigitte, Diana, Maria-Emmanuel, Katrin

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