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Kids Kabin 25th Anniversary on Friday July 19th 2019


Kids Kabin celebrates 25 years of regenerating disadvantaged communities by transforming tens of thousands of young peoples lives.

Friends, Sisters, supporters and kids (past and present) joined the 25th
anniversary celebration of Kids Kabin in Walker, Newcastle. What a joy seeing the place buzzing with life !

What a wonderful 25th Anniversary celebration at Kids Kabin this afternoon ! Myra, along with staff and the other volunteers put on an amazing open house which highlighted all the amazing projects that Kids Kabin provides to the children in the Walker neighborhood.
Congratulations !!

From www.chroniclive.co.uk

A children’s charity has celebrated a landmark anniversary.

Kids Kabin works with children and young people from economically disadvantaged areas to teach practical, hands-on skills that boost their sense of self-worth and confidence, as well as helping them address local issues.
The Newcastle charity has worked with over 10,000 children since it was formed in 1994 in an empty shop unit in Walker.
Paul Hastings, 13, has been attending Kids Kabin sessions in Cowgate since he was eight years old and has become a skilled woodworker, even making a special chair for his younger brother who suffers from spina bifida.
Mum Sarah said : “The stuff Paul has made and done there – I’m so proud, and it’s really boosted his confidence.”
“He was a bit of a loner really and never used to come out of his bedroom much. Now you can’t keep him away from Kids Kabin and he gets on with people much better.”
Sarah said that Paul has not only learned new skills but is also becoming more independent as a result of his weekly sessions and he’s planning to become a young volunteer.
She added : “He loves to show people what to do. He’s even shown his 17-year-old sister how to cook and his seven-year-old sister is now desperate to go to Kids Kabin too.”
Mia Anderson, 12, found out about Kids Kabin through a school assembly four years ago and is also planning on becoming a young volunteer.
Mum Marianne said : “She loves arts and crafts and making and doing and her self-esteem is brilliant now. She’s always been quite quiet but now she joins in and puts herself forward.”
“Kids Kabin has given her the confidence to do that and to take more of a lead. I really do think it’s fantastic.”
Mia added : “I love Kids Kabin because it’s fun and you can talk to new people and make friends.”
The charity helps around 120 children across Newcastle each week and more than 1,000 each year.
Charity founder and manager Will Benson explains : “Our aim has always been to give all children and young people the chance to fulfil their potential by nurturing their talent.
“Over the last 25 years, we’ve seen how much children can thrive in a more kinaesthetic learning environment, and how much this can contribute towards the regeneration of local areas.
“The support we’ve received from the communities in which we work has meant such a lot and we’re incredibly proud of all the young people and families involved, many of whom still support us as volunteers.
“It’s a real privilege that we’re able to share this milestone with so many people who’ve made Kids Kabin part of their lives.”
Kids Kabin’s ‘hub and satellite’ model includes a mobile kitchen, portable pottery wheel and woodworking bench, while its base remains at Church Walk in Walker, now in a purpose-built young people’s arts centre.
So now Kids Kabin has broken barriers of geography, perception, and lack of confidence, meaning they can reach out to young people not only in Cowgate but in Pottery Bank, Daisy Hill and in Byker, as well as around 15 additional street locations.


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