June 4 & 5 - News from Nairobi

June 3-25, 2019 : Continental Session for African Junior Sisters

4th June 2019 (Tuesday)

 The session started with Sr. Marthe, our General Councilor, reading the message of Sr. Rekha reminding us that “true formation takes place in an atmosphere of love and freedom.” Hence, we are invited to experience it during these days of journeying together as one family, striving to grow in holiness and walking in the perfection of love with responsibility and commitment. Sr. Honorata, the Provincial Superior of the East Africa Province also gave her welcome speech as she invited everyone to live the words of St. Marie Eugenie, “It is a folly not to be what one is in the fullest measure possible. Be all that our Risen Lord wants you to be, that Marie Eugenie believes you can be.” As a preliminary activity, the sisters had sharing on their joys, thanksgiving, inspirations, motivations and preoccupations as young sisters. This made them feel acquainted with one another knowing that they are not alone in their journey.

5th June 2019 (Wednesday)

Sr. Virginie, the Provincial Superior of West Africa, gave a session on Religious of the Assumption and African/Malagasy/Asian woman. The young sisters deepened their understanding about themselves through the talk and the sharing that they did. Towards the end of the session, the sisters were encouraged to reflect on what they can contribute to the congregation as African/Malagasy women. In the evening, the sisters from the Asia Pacific had a presentation about their countries and their Province.

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