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Here Come the AMA’s !


Erin Danylchuk – Worcester, MA

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Hello ! My name is Erin Danylchuk, and I am from Pueblo, Colorado. I am the oldest of four children with one brother and two sisters. I recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California with a major in Communication Studies and a minor in Irish Studies. For fun I love to scrapbook (or be crafty of any sort), read, hike, and run. Lastly, I absolutely love to travel ! One of my absolute favorite places is Ireland ! The small villages, and green rolling hills are breathtaking.
I stumbled upon AMA when searching the Catholic Volunteer Network for a post-graduate service placement, and once I learned about their mission and service projects I knew it was the placement for me. I have found that the best and most rewarding things in life happen unexpectedly, as AMA did for me. As my year with AMA soon begins, I cannot help but wonder about the opportunities, struggles, and growth that I will experience with my fellow volunteers and AMA community. I am eager to grow spiritually and in faith, to learn with the AMA and Worcester community, and to embrace all things that come my way over the next year.

Jordyn Faron – Worcester, MA

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Hello Everyone ! My name is Jordyn Faron. I am a middle child between an amazingly creative little sister named Brooke and an often wiser older sister named Alex. I have lived in the Chicagoland area my whole life, or well, until I moved away to Saint Louis, MO for college. I just recently graduated in May from Saint Louis University with a degree in nutrition and dietetics. I came to AMA because I was in search of doing something bigger than myself. I knew from my experiences during my college years that I wanted to somehow work with three basic things nutrition, gardening, and cooking. To me these factors are vital to helping our society grow as a whole and improve not only a person’s well-being, but help to make a positive change towards their entire mentality about food. The AMA program not only readily embraced my passion, but also provided me an avenue to work with these aspirations. I look forward to working with everyone involved in AMA, as well as the surrounding community, and being able to share an amazing experience with everyone. Thank you very much for letting me be part of your community and I can’t wait to be able to meet you all !

Kevin Molyneux – Chaparral, NM

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My name is Kevin Molyneux. I just graduated from Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore with a degree in Biology/Chemistry. I did brain research at Loyola and at that National Institutes of Health, as well as teaching ESL at the Esperanza Center in Baltimore. I lucked out while at Loyola, studying abroad in Rome during the conclave that led to the election of Pope Francis, and I got to go to Epiphany Mass with Pope Benedict XVI and Easter Mass with Pope Francis ! I am originally from Philadelphia, and attended St. Joseph’s Prep for high school. While at the Prep, I went on a trip to Chaparral, where I got the opportunity to work with the Assumption sisters. I returned to Chaparral in the summer of 2011 as well. I was really touched by the mission of the sisters and the commitment to education and community, and became interested in being an AMA. I’m hoping to go to medical school, but wanted to dedicate a year to working towards the sisters’ mission. I am thrilled to be serving in Chaparral for the upcoming year and look forward to working in the community !

Caitlin Goodhile - Newcastle, England

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Hi ! My name is Caitlin Goodhile and I could not be happier to spend my next year as an AMA ! I am from Holden, Massachusetts, a small town right next to Worcester, where I have lived my whole life. I live at home with my mom and my two younger sisters, Michaela and Shannon and my dad lives in the town next door. I just graduated from Assumption College in Worcester this past May, where I received my degree in English : Writing and Mass Communications, and a minor in elementary education. My past four years at Assumption have truly shaped who I am today and have allowed me to grow in my faith life. At Assumption, we have a program through Campus Ministry called S.E.ND (Students Exploring New Destinations). Through this program, students have the opportunity to travel to a different part of the United States for a week of service. I went on my first S.E.N.D trip my freshman year to Pennsylvania. (where I was able to meet some of the Sisters in Lansdale and West Philadelphia !). That trip kick started my love and passion for service and I was fortunate enough to participate on a mission trip every year at school traveling to ; Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Pine Ridge, South Dakota and most recently lead a trip to Trenton, New Jersey.
I’m happy to say that my AMA experience has come full circle. My freshman year at Assumption College I started volunteering at St. Peter’s Mentoring program and was matched up with a mentee whom I had until I graduated. My junior year I started debating what I wanted to do following graduation and I soon realized that a year of service was calling my name. The fall of my Senior year I started looking more closely at various programs. From my volunteering experience through SEND as well as partaking in numerous retreats sponsored by Campus Ministry, my faith life has grown tremendously. AMA immediately stuck out to me when I saw the various locations and the service work that the AMA’s complete as well as their tie to faith. Words cannot express how happy and blessed I am to be able to participate in a year in Newcastle, England where I will be able to
continue my journey !

Welcome Back, Rachel Marie Recolcolin ! - Iloilo City, Philippines

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Hello Everyone !! My name is Rachel Marie Recolcolin and I am from the town of Weymouth, Massachusetts. I am a graduate of 2013 from Stonehill College with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies. After learning about AMA through my college Career Services Office, it has been my deepest interest to go out to the world and to serve ; dedicating my time through volunteer work where I would not only learn more about myself, but to listen to where God has called me to make a difference.
Being the only child of two loving Filipino parents and knowing of their struggles to live the American Dream, I feel that their stories and experiences have propelled me to empower others to never give up on what they want to accomplish in life. Being raised as Catholic, I always knew God was always there to guide me but I was never really good at practicing my faith or even speaking about it. During my time in Chaparral, I had decided to renew my faith, to find myself and God in the desert. It has been challenging for me spiritually, and yet I feel happier and that I am enough. With my first year as an AMA in Chaparral, New Mexico coming to a close, I will be embarking on my next mission to the Philippines, the homeland of my parents. This will be another big chapter in my life and I am very excited of what God has in store for me there. I hope that with all that I have learned within my first mission I will be able share more of my gifts to many Filipinos. However, Chaparral will always be in my mind. Right now, all I can think about are the amazing people I have had a chance to connect with : my roommate, friend, and AMA partner Teresa Warhola, the Sisters, and of course my Chapa family. Connecting with the youth and the community have really made an impact in my life and I have enjoyed every minute of it. All I can say is how I am really blessed and thankful of this rewarding journey.

Danielle Coreena Garcia – Worcester, MA

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Hello ! My name is Danielle Coreena Garcia and I am from El Paso, TX. I recently graduated in December from St. Edward’s University, in Austin,TX, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, studying Digital Media Management. During my time at St. Edward’s, I participated in several campus organizations, including Student Ambassadors, Tour Guides, Mariachis, and Leading EDGE (a facilitator organization). In the Fall of 2012, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Angers, France, where I also volunteered at the English Language Library, teaching elementary and secondary French students English. It was there that my passion to serve blossomed ! When deciding the direction of my future, I contemplated and prayed about what God was calling me to do. In my heart, I feel there has been a calling for me to serve. I, personally, have a goal to impact and help others, because all my life, I have focused on helping myself. This growth I have experienced, I realized was a preparation for me to help others. I came upon AMA by sheer chance ! I was introduced to AMA while applying to another postgrad service program. After further research, I became fascinated with the mission AMA served. Following my application process and learning more about my service site Worcester, MA, I knew God wanted me to serve with AMA.
My spiritual background stems from my family who encouraged regular mass and prayer. Coming from a family that prayed together, it allowed my religious life to continuously grow as I became older. I was also fortunate enough to be brought up in a Catholic home, where my faith, morals, and spirituality were continually implemented into my daily life. In addition, attending a Catholic university tested my faith as an individual and confirmed my love and faith toward theCatholic religion. My family has always been loving, caring, strong, and supportive towards each other. I have six members in my family. My mom, dad, brother, and two sisters. In addition, I was born a triplet. Being a triplet has enriched my life in sharing not only my birth with them but experience, and knowledge as well. Moreover, having my sister and brother have allowed for us to have a companionship and emotional support for one another. Similar to living with my family, I hope to gain a sense of family in community living and develop friendships that last a lifetime during my time with AMA. Furthermore, during my time with AMA, I hope to continue to grow in my faith, to make a lasting difference on the community I serve, and to learn from both those I serve and live with.

Augustin Planty – (AMA’ti*) Worcester, MA

(*AMA’ti is the short-term AMA program from France. Augustin will serve from August through September, 2014)

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My name is Augustin Planty. I am 22 years old and I come from Bordeaux (South of France). Currently I am studying in Paris, for my last year of engineering school (master of science). I knew the AMA’s by my aunt who is a [Religious of the Assumption] sister in Philadelphia. (Sr. Therese Agnes). I called her because I was looking for a humanitarian mission abroad. Why abroad ? For my diploma, I need to go in a foreign country for one month. Why the United States ? Reading this text, I think you will understand that I need to increase my English level. And now, why a humanitarian mission ? I am in my last year of study, so I have for my last time two months of holidays this summer. This is probably my last chance to realize something good during my student life.
Moreover, I think this mission will be a really great experience for myself, and I hope for the other people. This mission is in a really good moment for me, because I am in a big handing-over in questions. In fact, I do not know what I want to do for my future.


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