Guatemala : From Sr. Sheryl

CGP 2015

We entered the second week (8–11 October 2015) with the experience of the immersion – where we were assigned to a community in the Province of Central America-Cuba (El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua). All the communities lovingly prepared and eagerly looked forward to our coming. I can say every detail had been taken care of ; their welcome was deeply warm, fraternal, and we were received with great openness, generosity, and joy ! 

Weeks before we left for the CGP, we were asked to write our first two choices of community where we wanted to have our immersion. I expressed my desire to be in a community in El Salvador because of my desire to be in the land of Blessed Oscar Romero – as his life story marked me when I was in 2nd year high school. Watching the film Romero and Choices of the Heart, was a powerful experience for me in my youth. And with God’s blessing, and the choice that the sisters had for me, my desire became a reality. To be in the ‘land of martyrs and prophets’ was an experience of renewal and grace. What was also very memorable was the experience of living and sharing life with the sisters of Los Planes de Renderos (one of our communities in El Salvador). Los Planes is an inter-generational formation community for postulants, where there are 5 professed sisters. The sisters are also engaged in one form or the other in the running of the retreat house (Casa de Maria Eugenia). We had lots of moments of sharing with them – on mission, on consecrated life, their being a formation community, our Provinces, and many more. We all returned to Guatemala City last Sunday, enriched and filled with joy. We were like the apostles, who, after being sent, two by two, returned recounting their experiences with awe, wonder, gratitude, and joy.

Mary Sheryl Reyes
Provincial, South East Asia

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