Guatemala : From Sr. Rekha

CGP 2015

My immersion experience in San Luis Community (Peten, Guatemala), was indeed a powerful experience of God’s intervention in my life.

We were six sisters (Cristina, Ascension, Lucy, Cecile, Isabel Eugene and myself) from the CGP and we spent two days with our community in San Luis, located among the Maya communities. I am deeply touched by the radical option for the poor and the marginalized as well as the simple lifestyle adopted by our sisters in communion with the Maya communities around the area.

We received a warm welcome from the sisters, staff and students of our school, women’s groups, as well as the Parish community. We also visited the tomb of Martyr Catechist Emmanuel of Jesus who was murdered because of his commitment to the word of God and to justice – fighting for the rights of the indigenous people.

Let me underline four things that challenged me and continue to inspire me :

  1. simple and joyful sisters living in unity,
  2. enculturated lifestyle and liturgy,
  3. prophetic mission among the poor and marginalized, and 
  4. close collaboration with the Parish church – a sense of belonging to the family of God.

I am sure St. MME would feel very proud of our sisters and their mission in San Luis. May God bless our sisters ((Srs. Mireya, Ines, America, Anita, Veronica) and their prophetic mission in San Luis !!

Rekha Chennattu, RA
Provincial of India

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