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Go…be the hope of my people !

Jeunes soeurs 2018

Monday 11 March 2018 was the day we left Auteuil for our community immersion. I was sent to another Assumption Province, that is, France Notre Dame. This was the Generalate of the Augustinian Sisters of Notre Dame de Paris. It is now the Provincial house of the new Province of France Notre Dame since the fusion. Arriving in the community I received a warm welcome by the Sisters and this made me feel at home.

Participating in the life and the mission of the community increased my joy. I was struck by the faithfulness of the Sisters concerning their prayer life, community life and apostolate. I was also touched by the gathering of the Sisters just after morning prayers for what they call “Bonjour” which is giving and receiving the activities of each one for the day.

Visiting the sick, the handicapped and the elderly was my way of witnessing Christ’s love, consolation and concern for the suffering. I was surprised by an old lady who asked me ‘do you have a relative in this place ?’ I said, ‘No ! I have come to visit you all !’ Her response was ‘wow ! What love ! What a consolation, what a joy !’ She continued, ‘do you know that I live alone ? How about you ?’ I told her that I live in a community ! She added ‘How marvelous, what a joy ! May God bless you.’ This made me give thanks to God for choosing me so that I may manifest His love and His hope to His people.

You and I are called to be a sign of hope to those in our community, in our apostolates and wherever we are, whatever we say and do in our life.

Sr Anicate of the Risen Christ
Esat AFrica Province

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