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From Sr. Ma. Josefina Matias, 29 April 2008

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Very dear Sisters, Greetings of LOVE and LIFE on this very special anniversary of the Foundation of our beloved Assumption ! It all began 169 years ago and God has deemed us worthy to be recipients of a legacy that has only His Son, Jesus Christ as the cornerstone.
After the grace-filled Provincial Retreat that has made the Mystery of the Incarnation a living experience for us, we are enthused to begin another school year of privileged participation in God’s work, surrendering all the the possible success to Him.
I would like to entrust to your prayers the coming retreat of the our elder sisters in Iloilo that will be facilitated by Sr. Anna Carmela, RA, from May 8 - 15 and that of our elder sisters in Emmaus to be facilitated by myself from May 12 - 19. Both Sr. Anna Carmela and I will make use the same materials that Fr. Francis Gustilo, SDB used for the Provincial Retreat in Baguio so that we strengthen the spirit of communion among us.
As we formally receive Ms. Nateprakai Piwchai, Ms. Cherry Ann Tolentino and Ms. Beauty Grace Diaz as our three (3) new Postulants tomorrow, we will also have the joy of witnessing Sr. Elaine Marie of the Holy Family and Sr. Maria Visitacion of the Holy Eucharist renew their Vows for 2 years as well as the gift of 9 of our Lay Friends commit themselves to the Way of Life of the Community of Lay Assumption (CLAy) for 1 year. What better way to celebrate the Foundation than by our own way of “refounding” the Congregation today in the here and now as Assumption Together.
Meanwhile, I ask that we join the entire Congregation in beginning a novena (from April 30 - May 8) to ask for healing through the intercession of St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus for Olivier Le Gendre who is the General Coordinator of the Permanent Council of the Friends of the Assumption who was found to have a lesion in his brain that causes epileptic attacks most likely triggered by stress brought about by the recent death of a young nephew.
And as we pray for Olivier, may I request that we also pray in this novena for the healing Mrs. Fe Abad Goyena, the mother of Baby Herrera, our Lay Provincial Representative who is now in the hospital for a delicate treatment. At the same time we continue to pray for our very own dear Sr. Demetria who has now returned home from the hospital in Iloilo and the steadfast convalescence of Sr. Remedios Carmen.
Finally, let me end with the words of St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus who wrote during those early days of the Foundation :
May the Assumption be a congregation of regularity, fervour and love, whose fidelity never fails ; that is why we should be ready to give, even our blood if this were needed...offer our prayers, our wills, give up any resistance or attachments... God will do the rest.” [1] My Foundation Day gift for all of your dear Sisters is a “pocket-size” Rule of Life in inclusive language, thanks to the Province of England who has shared this with us. And as the song goes, “may all who come behind us find us faithful... may the fire of our devotion light their way...” Happy Foundation Day to one and all !
In loving communion of prayers,

Sr. Ma. Josefina Mathias, ra


Feast of Saint Catherine of Siena
Eve of the 169th Anniversary of the Foundation

[1Origines Vol. I, Chapter 1

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