First step for the CGP


- Friday, October 2, 2009

After the Opening ceremonies, we listened to the first item of the reports from the Provinces : “A Look at the Ecclesial and Societal Context of My Province/Region” : this piece of the report was to describe briefly the context of the province and to highlight hopeful signs that can be seen emerging and growing at the heart of this reality.
We had to note those things that affected us and what hope for LIFE we have seen and are seeing.
Then we began a tour of the world : the provinces of Asia, then those of America and Europe, and finally those of Africa. We noted permanent situations of contradiction in our countries, particularly places of war and death, but we also remarked on sources of hope, solidarity, and transformation of minds and hearts.
We took time to share and synthesize our observations in the three language groups.

So, briefly : we have felt, seen, and heard the evolution of these last years, where the problems of some have become the problems of all. The whole planet is implicated now. But we still believe that hope is real and can’t be kept down. It keeps raising its head, sometimes through small actions or because someone takes a clear position : our times, although they are times of great weakness, are also times open to creativity.

- Saturday, October 3, 2009

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Groupe de travail
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Groupe de travail

We listened to the second part of the reports : “A Look at My Province/Region, Focusing on Some Significant Events Since the Last CGP.” We listened to what’s new and what questions are arising because of this newness, as well as calls heard and steps taken since the canonical visits of the General Council.
After some discussion by continent, each one considered her own province and the congregation by the light of this second trip around the world.
It was against this background that we listened to the Report of the General Council : it covered hopeful signs encountered by the Council during these last 18 months - what’s just beginning to sprout is a promise of what we have to share with the world today, following in the path of Marie Eugenie.

- Sunday, October 4, 2009

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Groupe de travail

Lauds at 6:30, and then we were off to the parish of Saint Ambrose for Mass at 7:00. We found a very welcoming crowd of people there, as well as a very concrete homily about forgiveness within the marriage bond. The choir provided superb singing, the new vicar was there to welcome us, and the pastor gave us a very nice “envoi” - a kind of “sending blessing.”
By 10:00 we were back to work - closing the first stage of the CGP.
The afternoon was free : one group went to the house of an alumna after a visit of the neighborhood ; other sisters took a walk around the market of Adjamé, while still others re-read texts and notes. We shared about all of this at dinner and gave thanks for having lived this first step together.

Soeur Françoise Martin
Provinciale de France

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