Financial Management for Provincials

2ème semaine
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Sr Mary Ann et Carlos, sous le regard attentif de Carmen et Christine Marie !
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Derniers ajustements !

- An interesting development : all the Provincials received a diploma in Financial Management ! The panel of instructors : Sr. Nicole, General Econome, and Carlos Arense, member of the Spanish Province’s Finance Team and the congregation’s International Finance Committee. He recalled how he had been recruited for this job by Sr. Clare Teresa when she was Superior General.

- The “school of management” lasted 48 hours. During that time Carlos and Sr. Nicole dealt with a number of topics : What should a provincial know about financial management ? In what does good management consist ?

We began our study with the Religious of the Assumption Rule of Life and Canon Law, without forgetting civil law as well. We learned the different terms used in financial management : short, medium and long term planning, shares of stock, insurance, depreciation, etc.
We learned how to read a balance sheet, make a budget, prepare a feasibility study, understand financial statements.

Carlos’ advice : be prudent, ask for sage advice, make long-term plans, follow up on things, ask questions and be informed on all things related to the economic life of your province.

By his expertise, humor and wonderful pedagogical methods, Carlos surprised us...what seemed so complicated was made so simple !

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Sr Nicole en pleine démonstration
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Le B.A. BA !

Carlos was emphatic in his message : our material resources are at the service of the Kingdom. Don’t hoard them or waste them, simply use them at the opportune time to support our mission.

Sr. Mary Ann (provincial of the United States) animated the two days, adding her own humor to the proceedings. The powerpoint presentations made by Sr. Nicole were invaluable...especially since they were in three languages !

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