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December 8th was a beautiful, rich and meaningful day for all of us. The beauty of the day was crowned with the meaningful event we lived together. Sr.Veronica has walked into this day taking ample time to prepare herself, always desiring ardently to reach this day when she could feel herself as the bride of Christ. Her previous days of anxieties and worries completely disappeared when the time came and she presented herself with total trust and confidence in the love of Jesus symbolized by the mystery she has chosen, namely Sr.Veronica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She never miss to add with it the heart of Mary also thus it is total for her. She has a great devotion to Mother Mary as her eyes were totally centered on Jesus. Bishop’s homily also was in this direction. A religious means totally centered on Jesus and all the actions, responses and choices originate from this gaze. He appreciated the theme she has chosen namely ‘CHOSE TO BE SENT’. He commented on that. Besides Veronica’s mission experiences with the different categories of people of periphery gave her a great sense of what she has been called for. 
The whole liturgical celebration especially Sr.Veronica’s ‘solo’ after pronouncing her vows was very moving as it came deep from her heart. Many after the celebration mentioned that they were really moved while she was singing and their tears were rolling down. After her song Bishop also commented that her melody was heavenly. At the end he commented that our prayer should be like this every day and he added ‘not this long but this depth’. The celebration continued with all the people who came ; the inter-novitiate companions of Veronica, the Formators, the sisters from different congregations, lay friends and the priests who come here to celebrate Mass and break the Word of God with us . After cake cutting and meal the celebration continued by the Assumption way of gathering and sharing the joy with few ultural programs of the candidates and juniors Thus the day ended with a great thanksgiving to the Lord. 

Sister Leela

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