FIJA : Alice from Italy reflects on her experience

Après le FIJA

Alice from Italy reflects on her experience during (and after) the Festival :

My name is Alice and I participated at the Festival of young people of the Assumption in France. The objective of the Festival was to celebrate God for the gift of the two founders of the Assumption, St. Marie-Eugenie and Mother Therese-Emmanuel, on the bicentenary of their births.

 The Festival was divided in three parts :
- The roots of Saint Marie-Eugenie’s vocation ;
- Search for God of Saint Marie-Eugenie in her vocation ;
- Vocation of Saint Marie-Eugenie.

 The Festival has been a real time of grace and if I had to summarize what I have received I would say :

  1. Roots… the importance of the roots in our life, the importance to sit down, take time, and call to our memory experiences we had in our past in order to understand our vocation. God does not come like a violent wind in our life, but he comes slowly, I would say he prepares us in a smart way at the very beginning of our life.
  2. Search for God. In every man life, there is a moment where he asks himself : Who I am ? Where I come from ? Where I am going ? Of course there are many ways to answer to such questions, but following the paths of Marie-Eugenie in this case it is time to sit down and ask God’s help, to call him. Time to go back in our roots.
  3. What is vocation ? It is simply answer to God’s call, when you say to him “have you called me ? Here I am to do your will”. It is living our life with the most plenitude.

 So once back home, I am asking myself “what next ? What could I do now for God ?” There is a sentence of St. Marie-Eugenie, which touched me a lot : “I did not want to borrow myself to God but to give whole myself to Him”. This sentence is still having an echo in me, it is the true message for me from the Festival.

Alice, Italy

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