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Tanzanie, from Sr. Adria Bibiana


Transformative Education Experiences Always in the Process of Progress…

My experiences in the field of education have fascinated me for more than the 33 years I have been a Religious of the Assumption. I have been teaching and managing Pre-Primary and Primary schools in Tanzania.

Urged on by my Faith and love of God I am full of passion to educate the intelligence by drawing the best from what is “unspoilt” in the children, so that they grow and become good persons and will be able to effect positive changes in the future society of which they will be part.

Through educating children in schools I have witnessed the growth and development in each child in every way. In them I have seen the development of the language of the head (thinking), the language of the heart (feeling), the language of the hands (doing) as mentioned by Pope Francis (Question and answer) ; he is concerned about education these days being too technical and concentrating only on the head .

In actual fact I have also discovered that educating is a life giving work that brings about a Godly character in us. For me, in giving without counting the cost, I have received, because at times the children are awesome and innocent. But I must also say that I have experienced that the patient work of education is difficult work that it takes time to see the rewards.

However when I look back I am strengthened and even more motivated by the very positive impact I see in these children having contributed to their moulding, some have become doctors, engineers, teachers, accountants, and prominent reliable leaders in our society today. Some have come back to work with the Assumption Sisters and they say they are persons they are because of what they received from us and that is straightforwardness, responsibility, confidence, commitment and courage.

I have really experienced the joy of “giving myself to Jesus Christ and not lending myself to Him” St. Marie Eugenie I am grateful to God to have had the opportunity as a Religious of the Assumption to experience the fullness of life.

Sr. Adria Bibiana Kimario
Iguguno Community, Tanzania
Mwandu Primary School (government) and St. Marie Eugenie Primary


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