Day 5, Oct. 1 - From Sr. RegiVic

2009 - Typhoon "Ondoy"

There are many reading this daily account and I was asked to continue.. IFRS formation accompaniment program resumes tomorrow.

The very first thing I heard over the radio this morning is the request of the inmates of the biggest city jail of Manila to be served only twice a day. As they cannot go out to help, they asked that their third meal be given to evacuees. Suffering can indeed bring out what is beautiful in us. This is what I contemplate each day right here in our land.

Our volunteers who went to Marikina yesterday in Air Force trucks were able to go home only past midnight. Everywhere they went, people were crying for food and they pursued relief operations till way past sunset through dark streets as electricity has not yet been restored in these areas. Today, they went back again, this time with the same trucks & more vans filled with clothes and bottled water. Mud water level is still very high. We don’t know if classes can really resume on Monday, especially in Pasig & Marikina.

Malibay (San Juan Nepomuceno School) immediate relief operations finished today. Yesterday 1, 278 families were served. Today the 500 family sacks were given to the worst hit families in an orderly way. The Sisters and lay staff started with the Gospel of the day : "...and they went out 2 by 2â…" so did they, visiting homes as far as they could go, coming home at the end of the day to rest & be still before Jesus in Adoration. There must have been many things that took place in deep silent prayer. Our LSA sisters accepted to host the medical mission in Malibay and we forwarded all medicines & pharmaceutical tools to them. SJNS can now start cleaning up and try to be ready for the opening of classes on Monday, hoping & praying that super-typhoon Peping will not hit us again. There is a lot to repair, reconstruct, but the teachers know how to resume classes in limited space. Creativity & resiliency are God’s gifts to us.

Today, too, my e-mail inbox was full of letters expressing solidarity in many ways. We are receiving more help from our big Assumption family. Sisters Fe & Ana Maria, Pinky Valdes and Milette O.Recto spoke with each other to delineate roles & tasks in the next stage of rehabilitation. Starting tomorrow we continue to receive donations at the College Lobby. Packaging will continue in smaller scale, but deliveries might wait for a few days. We are aware that big TV stations & politicians are now reaching needy areas with more relief goods. Our San Lorenzo school staff needs time to clean-up and prepare for the opening of classes on Monday.

Monday and the days to come will have many stories to share. I think we need time to reflect on these true stories and hear what God wants to tell. At the same time live day to day for we don’t know what Peping will bring. All we know is that God is with us.

Sr. RegiVic

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