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Day 4, Sept. 30 - From Sr. RegiVic

2009 - Typhoon "Ondoy"

Today e-letters and calls from many friends & alumnae outside Manila abound. We are very touched with the great sense of solidarity. Some "old girls" in other parts of MetroManila & neighboring provinces tell me about their touching experiences as they help through their parish-based organizations or with local government units and television stations. I’ve not heard yet of anyone who is not doing something for others.

There are staff members of San Lorenzo who have been badly hit by Ondoy. It is only today that they start attending to their own needs after 3 days of generous service. So are our own Sisters of Malibay. There was time today for much-needed medical care and to buy sisters’ supplies as their basic commodities and footwear were swept away, too. Fe and Ana Maria are attending to them.

Medical missions are ready to serve now to attend to secondary needs in Malibay. At the same time the Alumnae Association is organizing for the rehabilitation phase that will come soon. We are grateful for all those who offered to help in terms of cash. Should you know of friends who want to do bank-to-bank transactions, just let me know because we have $, Euro and Peso Acct. Numbers.
Meanwhile relief service continues in Antipolo (helping Angono & nearby areas), San Simon (helping Arayat) and San Lorenzo. Today the overflowing numbers of volunteers & donors continue in San Lorenzo. A house helper brought her own piggy bank coins worth 1,000 pesos ! We were able to deliver the 500 family sacks (kitchen ware, mats, blankets, pillows, etc.) for the 500 worst hit families of Malibay. Chiqui Violago was able to borrow 2 army trucks to help her & some Sisters bring goods to critical areas of Marikina & Pasig. Neil & other College staff were able to reach San Mateo, Rizal. These areas have not been reached by any group as they had to take rubber boats & wade through muddy waters still reaching the thighs. Many said, "Thank you ! It has been 3 days that we have not taken rice. We can take hunger, but our children cannot take it anymore." In Marikina & Pasig, the goods were delivered house to house by Sr. M.Ignatius and High School teachers. Families were so grateful that they have food for 2 days now without lining up in distribution centers for hours and end up not having anything left.

These things make me imagine how much God labors to give us life. We feel privileged to labor with God. As we serve our own people, we also think and pray for those who are now being hit by Ondoy in Vietnam and by a terrible earthquake & tidal waves in Samoa & Tongga.

This might be my last chronicle for the week as I go back to work at IFRS.

I shall try to resume next week.

Love from Sr. Regivic

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