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Day 3, September 29 - from Sr. RegiVic

2009 - Typhoon "Ondoy"

Classes are cancelled for the whole week in MetroManila. More bodies are discovered as the water-level goes down. Death toll all over the country as of 4 p.m. today is at 282, more than half from Metro Manila. Status reports on damages are beyond our imagination.

I’ve been asked to give status reports, on our Assumption Operation Tulong. I can’t believe that classes are suspended because of traffic jam outside our gates and along our driveway. Today I realized that indeed AC is school of life. The Assumption family comes to school this week because like Jesus we want to save and give life. I met a very young child who told me how happy she is to work like a cow for those who lost so much.
Pinky V. was able to take some pictures yesterday and today. These will be sent by installment to Sr. Marjo who will surely share with all of you. Some shots look dark as tents have been put up in the open space of Malibay to be able to do our daily work. But they are enough to give you an idea of post-Ondoy activities here.
Today, with more donations, we were able reach out beyond sister-communities. Chiqui Violago and Sr. Sheryl ventured to visit evacuation areas in Pasig, one of the worst-hit areas of MManila. The site gripped their hearts and Chiqui is now back in Pasig to bring a small truck-load of bottled water. Rescue help has not yet reached some areas of Pasig and people haven’t eaten for more than 48 hours. We’ve decided extend our help to some evacuation areas especially this week when we have more than enough food to share.

Sisters Roshni and Junalyn in Sonjie Trillana’s vehicle were able to visit San Simon. Our school is in good shape and classes resumed today. But all along the highway to San Simon was like a sea and there will be no rice harvest in many parts. Tomorrow the high school students & faculty will visit worst-hit areas of Arayat and share the 350 food packages our Sisters brought.

In Malibay our Assumptionist fathers & brothers came to help us minister to 926 families who came for their food packages. Luli A.Bernas (1st daughter) sent Malacanang kitchen staff to serve a hefty afternoon merienda for these families. Sr. Fe brought a group of Ambassadors’ wives to our LSA sisters who were overwhelmed by the outpouring of help. The Ambassador of Chile sent us a sack of rice for them, too.

A new typhoon is entering our area of responsibility tomorrow. As we brace for the new threat, we all beg God to spare us further damage. Please join us in this prayer. Meanwhile people, especially the young, are inspired by an 18-year old construction worker who saved 31 lives at the peak of the raging floods and then died of fatigue. Today, the nation is thanking him and the 6 soldiers who also lost their lives saving as many people as possible in dangerous areas last Saturday. We have new martyrs of charity to inspire us in the forthcoming days.

Sr. Regivic

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