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Day 2 , Sept. 28 - From Sr. RegiVic

2009 - Typhoon "Ondoy"
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From the Inquirer

Today, San Lorenzo was a sea of solidarity. Hundreds of families came to bring goods, lend vehicles to assure that these goods reach as many as possible in Malibay. All gave themselves in great generosity to assure that packages were enough for the day’s needs. By early afternoon, we had more than expected so that we are able to share with Antipolo and San Simon who are also ministering to their neighboring villages. This evening the Ayala-Zobels brought kitchen packages (gas stove and utensils) that will be given to the 500 most hit-families of Malibay. Really, I can say I’ve seen a glimpse of the Kingdom today ! Pinky Valdes “presided” the whole operation : students, parents, alumnae, friends, personnel and sisters who worked in a very organized and joyful manner. The same atmosphere reigned in Malibay the whole day.

In Malibay many of us really cried to sea a mountain of books and school materials go to the garbage heap. Our sister Silvia couldn’t stop crying as more things went to the damp truck because we can no longer restore them. But the good news is our children and their families are alive and they have the will and the hope to recover soon. I know God is here and will see them through because there are people who care. Today around 650 families were served and tomorrow we expect around 800.

I had time to visit our LSA sisters in the other side of Malibay. They are well and Margaret has access to the internet around the corner already, so she can communicate to her sisters. Sisters Mercedes and Michaela called me last night as they couldn’t reach their sisters by phone. Tonight they will be finally relieved to hear from their sisters. But “Isla” where they work is really in bad condition. They lost one of the schoolchildren in the flood. Please pray for them, too. We share what we have with them and so are the Assumption Fathers helping them.

Pag-Asa, our weather bureau just announced 2 incoming typhoons within the week. Please help us storm heaven. Hope with us that they will not fall, and if they do, that they will not bring more damage. Tonight Ondoy’s death toll is at 106 with thousands still missing only in Metro Manila. I don’t have the figures of other provinces. God must have something in store for our nation in this great purification.

There, dear Sisters...I hope this helps give you a picture when you pray for us.

Love from Sr. Regivic

- Day 1

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