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Celebrating 25 Years of God’s unwavering constancy - Sr MarJo

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10 July 2013 - Auteuil - Celebrating 25 Years of God’s unwavering constancy - It was a celebration of JOY and LIFE ! A happy privilege to have joined the conclusion of the Third Year ! I thank all those who prayed and sent their wishes and joined us in PROFOUND GRATITUDE for God’s fidelity and the gift of a religious vocation to the Assumption ! The presence of Archbishop Soc was GOD’S surprise grace ! Truly God continues to do HIS loving thing... May we keep trying to be faithful...

- Marjo, how did you get to know the Assumption ?

I was a student of the Assumption in the Philippines from the time I was 5 years old until I finished Secondary School. My mother as well as some other female relatives also went to the Assumption for their elementary and secondary schooling. So one can say that I knew Assumption from childhood !

- Why did you choose the Assumption and not another Congregation ?

I was in Secondary School when St. Marie Eugenie was beatified and I feel that this event had a profound impact on me. I nurtured the possibility of considering Religious Life even as a child, but it was after the Beatification that I felt drawn to follow Jesus in Religious Life and I really did not think of any other congregation – Marie Eugenie was my inspiration and so it could only be the Assumption‼ !

- Why did you choose the mystery of the Incarnation ?

My mystery is the INCARNATION… for me, it is the mystery that best speaks of God’s LOVE for us – for me… as a Novice I was filled and awed with the realization that God’s love for me was so much that He chose a way to become one with me in the flesh, to have a face and a body, a person that I can love, a person that can feel as I feel – in the person of His beloved Son – Jesus – in whom I could also become like Him. It is a mystery of LOVE, a mystery of UNION – upto now it is still a mystery for me – that in Jesus God is always with me and in Jesus I am always with God… that in everything human – and now we are even more conscious that in all of CREATION, God is present…

- What is the word engraved in your ring and why did you choose it ?

The WORD engraved in full in my ring is JESUS CHRIST – HE is THE WORD of GOD, made flesh…

- Who is St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus for you ? How is she a point of reference in your daily life ?

Marie Eugenie is my inspiration … there was a time when she was like a mother too… but I believe that time has passed… now I am overwhelmed by the thought that she is my sister whom I admire and emulate and whom I can consult, dialogue and even disagree with. Living here in France where she comes from and where she once lived, I find myself speaking to her more often about everything and anything … when certain realities confront me and distress me – I speak with her and ask her how I should respond… somehow, I feel consoled… when I have good and beautiful experiences I speak with her about that too… and I feel that she rejoices with me‼ !

- You celebrate today 25 years of God’ fidelity and you with Him.

I really am celebrating God’s FIDELITY – that has enabled me to remain inspite of myself…

- What is the most beautiful memory you have of these past years ?

My last years have been marked by the privilege of being at the service of the Province that I have grown to love and appreciate. These last years are filled with treasured memories : the witness of the sisters’ desire and effort to live a happy, holy, humble yet engaged religious life and the confidence and love that they gave me to be able to love and serve them as best as I could ; the unstoppable growth of Assumption Together that continues to show us that this is the way to go offering society a face of the church ; the many experiences of forgiveness, conversion and transformation both small and not so small that has strengthened the FAITH of the Sisters and Lay Partners of the PROVINCE… and the decisions of the Sisters to choose life under all circumstances and see our limitations and our weaknesses as occasions for God to reveal HIS power to save and redeem… these are general statements but each statement has a concrete story and a concrete face…that occupy my bag of treasures that I nurture in the depths of my heart.

- What are your struggles day after day because not everything is so simple ?

My biggest battle has always been with myself… I am very limited and can get easily discouraged… I get easily influenced by the tendency of our world to look at problems and solution rather than opportunities and possibilities… I really drew strength and courage from the Sisters and from God who I encountered moment by moment each day and who always saw what was good and life-giving in every situation.

- What according to you is the greatest challenge for the Assumption today ?

I really feel humbled by this question – but in the last 10 months that I have been in Auteuil, I feel that in the Assumption we will never have enough of LOVE, FORGIVENESS, UNDERSTANDING AND COURAGE TO KEEP TRYING TO GET TO KNOW OUR TIMES MORE AND LOVE IT WITH ALL THAT WE ARE – and then not to be afraid to try new things and to welcome different ways of thinking and acting – and not to be fearful of making mistakes knowing we have each other to help us rise each time we fall – and then to never ever forget that God IS IN-CHARGE and that he “has certainly been at work and continues to be at work, undeterred by human weakness, carrying out His design for the Congregation and for each one of us”. – I love this statement from our Rule of Life – many times I feel that in this day and age in our world that tends to focus too much on what one knows – on what one can do – the challenge is to always remember this – God is in-charge…we are work with HIM.

Thank you so much, Sister MarJo !


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