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Brochure given to those who visit the Chapel

1961 - 2009

For you who visit our Chapel : Welcome !

"My house shall be called a house of prayer for all people" Is. 56, 7

The entrance end of the chapel is wide open, like a tent, a sign that God generously invites all people at all crossroads of the world.

At the opposite end, like the main mast, the pillar which supports everything and towards which everything converges, CHRIST on the Cross. Under the Cross, at the point where the walls and the floor meet, in an upward movement, the ALTAR.

Upon the altar, under the Cross, the BLESSED SACRAMENT is exposed in a triangular monstrance, above a map of the WORLD : This is the BODY OF CHRIST which saves and brings together in Him the people of all times and all countries. Christ, the presence and the compassion of God in the world. Christ, who prays with us in the name of all humanity : "Thy Kingdom come".
The triangular shape of the Monstrance which is also found in other parts of the chapel (altar, stalls, doors, floor) symbolizes the mystery of the Holy Trinity. Christ whom we adore and whom we receive in the Sacraments is the SON OF THE FATHER, on whom the HOLY SPIRIT dwells.

As we come in, walking down the steps, we are invited to be immersed with Christ in the BAPTISMAL waters, and to re-ascend with Him towards the FATHER.

Above the altar the stained glass window of the HOLY SPIRIT recalls the same mystery. It also evokes Pentecost and the Church being sent on mission at the service of the Kingdom.

In the centre of the ceiling another WINDOW evokes the mystery of MARY, who allowed herself to be fashioned by God until the definitive transformation of her Assumption.

It is on the ALTAR that the Bread and the Wine are prepared for the Eucharist. It is towards this altar that we ascend to drink at the fount of life which pours out of the Heart of Christ.

On each side of the nave are the STALLS. This is where, throughout the day, the Sisters celebrate the Prayer of the Church : the Liturgy of the Hours. The chant of the Office on behalf of humanity echoes the ceaseless praise of the Heavenly Church, especially that of the Virgin Mary.

To the right, the whole wall is a big STAINED GLASS WINDOW, which displays a variety of colours and shapes : they bring to mind the various Christian communities throughout the world and reflect the multiple faces of sanctity in the Church. The wall can also be seen as a wide net, the end of which, to the right, is marked with the monogram of Christ. In the meshes of this net, all sorts of fish are caught, a symbol of the universal mission of the Church.
In the right aisle, there are two pillars. Against the first one, is the altar dedicated to Mother Marie-Eugenie, Foundress of the Religious of the Assumption, whose canonization was proclaimed on the 3rd of June 2007. She is for us a witness to Faith.

Against the second pillar, we find the Virgin Mary the Mother of Jesus and our Mother too. She is with us here on the road which we walk in Faith. This statue of Our Lady of Consolation stood in the chapel of the Château of Preisch, near Metz, where Mother Marie-Eugenie spent part of her childhood.
The Chapel rises in the shape of a vast tent pitched in the heart of Paris. May you who have entered, be happy in this House of God !

CHAPEL OF THE MOTHER HOUSE OF THE RELIGIOUS OF THE ASSUMPTION dedicated to Christ the Mediator whose feast is celebrated on the feast Of the Baptism of the Lord
Built in 1961
Architect : Noël LEMARESQUIER
Stained glass : Max INGRAND
Christ : STUBE

The Religious of the Assumption : A single vision of Jesus Christ and the extension of his Kingdom shape the way of life of the Religious of the Assumption : contemplative communities, nourished by silence, the divine office and prayer, origin and strength of their apostolic and missionary zeal.
The Religious of the Assumption represent some forty nationalities and are present in more than thirty countries in Africa, America, Asia and Europe

Religious of the Assumption
17 rue de l’Assomption
75016 Paris - France

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