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Après deux mois

3e An 2009

- Language of the Heart
Many experiences in the 3rd year will mark my life and I would like to share one of them. I know one of the things which attracted me in Assumption was the internationality. I’m always amazed at the beauty and the mixture of it ! Auteuil, our mother house, is the best place for this kind of experience. With General community, Auteuil community and the 3rd year community we have around 20 nationalities. So, the liturgy is very interesting because it is composed of many languages. At times we have only to listen because the language is not easy to read, other times we join with our loud voices while we understand not a word but one thing is clear our hearts were burn like those of the two disciples to Emmaus.
In the course of the two months we lived in Auteuil before the 30 days retreat relationships developed. Everyday I could see two sisters walking at times in deep conversations around the beautiful garden, thanks to the Auteuil community and Sr. Erika who nurture it like a baby. In the group of 3rd year there was a sister who would hold my hand and say, "Cecy, let’s walk round this garden" (this is expressed in spanish which I don’t understand). So we walk and talk and at times the conversation is very serious. My friend is Sr. Carmen from Equateur - Chili. So Carmen talks and I guess or imagine what she is telling me and I answer her from my imagination. I tell her my story and she responds in the same way. For me this is true Pentecost ! If there is love nothing can separate us. The call for me is to use this experience in my community and my country where politics divide people of the same country into ethnic groups. Like St Paul ; "Glory to Him whose power in us can do infinitely more than we ask or imagine" (Eph.3:20).
Sr. Cecilia Ngae r.a
East Africa Province

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