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After-thoughts on the visit...

Asie Pacifique

Their more than a month stay with us was a moment of grace that the Province will cherish and continue to draw fruits from ...

An official Visitation is an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of communion that unite the Province to the rest of the Congregation and to Generalate. It also is a chance to deepen the Religious Life of the Sisters and to renew the apostolates in the spirit of Marie Eugénie.

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Rencontre avec les musulmans de Mindanao

The sisters looked forward to this visit with joyful expectation and the actual VISIT was truly a joy to relish. Sr. Cristina tried to visit all the communities, almost close to “bi-locating” herself, except when it was really no longer possible nor prudent. Nevertheless, the thought that she was in the Province and the delight of welcoming her Councillors was more than enough reason for the sisters and all their partners and communities to rejoice.

Assemblies in every region (Thailand, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao) were major highlights. This was an occasion for all the sisters to gather and experience the gift of the Visitation together.

Be it in the Liturgy, in ordinary community encounters, in meals shared, in programs and presentations so carefully and lovingly prepared, be it in formal sessions or in light moments of joy and recreation, Sr. Cristina and her Council experienced the life of the Province and gave life to it by their love and genuine attention and sensitivity.

Sisters remarked that indeed it was an experience of God Visiting His people...they were not stingy with their words of affirmation and support just as they spoke the truth in love.

The last day, 30 November, was a beautiful moment of thanksgiving ! The cup of the Philippine-Thailand Province was filled to overflowing. And like the Samaritan Woman at the well who could not remain the same after the encounter with Jesus, the source of living water, we too emerged after the VISIT transformed, renewed and revitalized, ever more animated to make this place, a place of GLORY for GOD !

Sr. Maria Josefina Matias, RA

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