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3e An 2009

I am very happy to share with you my 3rd year experience. It was a remarkable experience. This was my first time to be with the sisters of my age group, and with the International community. Another remarkable experience was the Retreat in Lourdes. I was longing to go there for so many years. Being in the mother house and with the international community was an enriching experience. I felt communion with all the sisters in different parts of the world and with whole world.

We were 24 sisters in the group. Among them there were 3 sisters belonged to Augstinine Congregation. Srs. Diana, Marie, Martine, Katrin, and Brigit were with us all the time, supporting, encouraging, guiding and inspiring.

The main concern of this program was not to acquire more knowledge. It was a time to renew and deepen our commitment to Christ, to strengthen and consolidate the human, spiritual and religious foundation of our lives, recognize these foundational elements in our personal experience. , We experienced the internationality of our congregation, better understanding of the charism of our own congregation and to discover more who God is for me and Who I am for Him.

We profited a lot from the sessions. We experienced faith, confidence, openness, freedom, concern and love among the sisters. Communities of Auteuil and Lourdes were really an inspiration and support and encouragement for all of us.

Sr. Rekha’s session was well appreciated and accepted by every body. The topic was prophets of the Lord and disciples of Jesus— : in relation with consecrated life. We looked into the call of prophets and our own call, our foundational experience, our consecrated life and our commitment. We also discussed about the present reality of the world and the challenges.

Sr.Diana was guiding us to reread our life. It was very enriching and encouraging. It gave more understanding about our present life. The history of our life affects a lot in the present relationship with others and in our mission. The wound within us has to be healed. The wound in the childhood has to be taken care of. All sessions were very good and effective. The session on psycho spiritual aspect and the spiritual experience were great help to assimilate this. All these prepared us for our 30 days retreat.

We also had the session of the life of M.M.E, History of the congregation along with pilgrimage to Metz and Preisch-the foot steps of M.M.E. which helped us to know the history of the congregation in a depth level and to deepen our love for M.M.E. and the congregation.

I am very great full to Sr.Diana and her council, Sr. Shobha and her council and my community for all the arrangements given to me to have this experience. Above all I thank God for all these experiences.

With love and prayer

Sr. Archana Attupuram
Calicut, India

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