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A unit of Marie Eugenie centre for human development



(A unit of Marie Eugenie centre for human development.)
Wish you all a very happy feast of St. Marie Eugenie...
Let me share with you, the recent development of the FRIENDS OF THE ASSUMPTION (FOA) group in Calicut. After our coming together in the group for prayer, common reflection and discussion based on Marie Eugenie’s writings for some time, the group has felt the need to move into a commitment by responding to one of the felt need of the society through some action so that the message of Marie Eugenie becomes credible.
Cancer is seen as wide spreading sickness and many reach a terrible stage where there is no cure possible because of the failure of detection at the initial stage and lack of knowledge and the unavailability of social security service. Sad reality is that many do not have the awareness of this sickness even if the symptoms are seen in t eh open. Many neglect them not knowing the seriousness of them until it is declared as cancer at a later stage.
As a response to this call the FOA group has now come up with the idea of a “Cancer Awareness Cell” through Marie Eugenie Centre for Human Development. The whole idea has come initially from a cancer survivor in the group and the idea has welcomed by the group after several meetings and sharing on the issue.
A rough project plan was prepared by Miss Rosaline John (Ruby) a cancer survivor of the FOA group. It was presented and discussed with the Provincial council in January. Council felt positive about the idea.
Again it was discussed in FOA group during the meeting in January and had decided to have a joint meeting of FOA members and few cancer survivors to get more clarity about how to proceed with the idea. That meeting took place on the 20th of February in which four survivors shared their experience ; one of them was our own Sr.Deepti since she too was in Calicut that day. Meanwhile Ruby and Shanti ( who is responsible for the FOA group in India) had met the oncologist in Baby Memorial Hospital who promised all possible help from his part and he too was present for the meeting in February.
All those who heard about the idea were encouraging us to go ahead with the plan. After several meetings and discussions now we are happy to let you know that on the 10th of March we had our Feast Mass celebrated by Bishop Joseph Kalathiparambil at 7am and after the mass bishop blessed our new activity. Name given to it is MARIE EUGENIE ONCO CARE KOZHIKODE. (MEOCK ) We have brought out a short hand out about the aims of MEOCK . We count on your valuable prayers and support.
United with you all in prayer,
Calicut Community, India

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