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A spiritual approach to the internet

Jeunes soeurs 2018

The earth has become nearer due to the availability of the social network. There are many different media that people use to send the messages. The connecting waves that give connection all over. The networks are almost everywhere. Unlike before the the internet has made communication faster, it has also created jobs to many, the information is everywhere both positive and negative. People are now very near to each other and no longer fear the distance.
The social media has some good aspect (positive) and bad some (negative).

The positive aspect of the social network

It facilitates the communication and brings the people together. It has also enhanced solidarity.
It is helping in evangelization, the world we are living today is digital, for us to meet young people, we need to be well-formed, on the use of social network. Also, it is the best way to evangelize because you can meet so many clients at a time.
We learn a new language through the internet, without going to school as well as developing our capacity to enrich our knowledge.
The world we are living today is not possible without the media, every aspect of nature is well unified with the network.

The negative aspect of the social network

On the other hand, in the community, if one is not careful, the social network can keep her away from other people, and forget the community life. It can bring individualism, and create possessiveness.
It can also reduce discretion, because the network is connected everywhere, and in every computer, you can access a document you may wish to know, because any message sent goes to all computer, and anyone can access the message without the authorization of the author. Therefore when using the internet, we have to very careful as consecrated people, to avoid bad accusations.
The social network in one way or another, reduces the capacity to reflect, it can also create a tendency of depending on the ideals of others, and so the capacity to think reduces.
At times we may be very near to those who are very far to us but very far to the community members. This can happen when one is spending too much time with a social media, become so much interested in what is happening and neglect those she lives within the community.
Our climate of solitude and silence is affected, by the internet. Every minute the network is available, so if one is careful, she ends up being always occupied with what is happening in the world and forget she needs time to listen and contemplate the reality. The communication of the mass media is super visual at times ; the details of the information are not provided.

A positive look at the use of social media in the life spiritual

In the biblical point of view God talks to people through prophets, now he talks to us through a people, and people are talking to each other through the internet. There is something Godly that unites us through the internet. The Internet has become a place of evangelization, God’s through testimonies of Faith. Internet favorize the community if well used, we testify our deep-rooted faith through the internet. It is a place of learning, teaching and sharing our knowledge with others, and building relationship with those that I am linking. But there is a call to be vigilant because the internet is a social media but not a community. It is a place to witness our vocation ; we should be very careful, it can become in a way as an addiction no joy without my phone nearby.

Satanic aspect in the internet

There is manipulation of information which is not pure, for example, pornography, it can make you run away from others, and you don’t feel the taste to share. Computer neither phone cannot take the place of my sister.
If one is not careful with her commitment, addiction of the internet that can lead one to use the phone like it is everything.
Wasting time causes stress, especially you when we get information that is not well prepared.

Some precautions to take

Have a habit of sharing the challenges of mass media as a community, and discern together.
Respect great silence, and find times of solitude to nourish your soul.

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