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A Pilgrim’s Journal, by Francesca Filiaci (UK delegation)

Août 2017 - FIJA : Festival International Jeunes Assomption

August 19, 2017

This morning after breakfast we left the village of Peltre by bus to go and visit the town of Metz, where St. Marie Eugenie was born. It was a bright sunny day as we walked across the town and visited the Gothic cathedral, passed the house where St. Marie Eugenie was born, and finally reached the church of St. Segolene where we celebrated the Mass. At Mass, the homily reminded us about Mother Marie Eugenie’s early spiritual experience during her first communion, in this very church, and it invited us to reflect on the place that the sacraments occupy in our own life ; whether they are for us a way to deepen our relationship with Christ and how we respond to the relationship that Christ wants to have with us. After a quick lunch, we were back on the bus on our way to Taize.
During the journey we had time to rest, pray, and to share some faith experiences with our travel companions. We arrived in Taize just in time for dinner and for night prayer, which allowed us to catch a first glimpse of its multicultural, multilingual, kaleidoscopic nature.

August 20, 2017

Today we woke up in Taize, where we spent the morning. The day began with a talk with a Brother who gave us some information about the history and life of the community and answered our questions.
After breakfast we gathered in the Church of the Reconciliation forvthe celebration of the Eucharist.
In contrast with the confusion and noise of the outside, the atmosphere in the church was quiet and invited us to silence and prayer. Many people in the church and in our group appeared to be visibly touched by the simple and meditative way of prayer typical of this place, based on repetitive chant and silence, which largely seems to succeed in breaking down language barriers and bringing everyone together in prayer. After Mass we got back into the bus and made our way towards our next destination, Lyons, where we spent the afternoon learning about St. Marie Eugenie’s search for God, and sharing our own thoughts and experiences about it.

By Francesca Filiaci
(UK delegation)

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