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2016 June 12th : 50th anniversary of the foundation of the alumnae association


We had the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the alumnae association on June 12th.
We had mass, two speeches by two old girls, and lunch.
About 200 people, including sisters and teachers, came and had a very good time. We also welcomed the members of AAA San Lorezo, Manila. We were so happy to have them with us at this big ceremony. We owe very much to them. They have helped us so much.
The mass was held by Father Antonio Izco, who had been teaching at the Assumption Junior College. His sermon was about the Love of God and Forgiveness. Though majority of the alumnae are not baptized, they said they were so happy and moved by the mass. Many wanted the blessing of the priest.
After the mass, we had speeches. One of them is a head of a theatrical company and the other was a member of JEN, which is the group that helps developing countries. They talked about what they have done and felt and we shared their experiences. To know that young alumnae are trying to do many things was a very good experience for us and we really wanted to support their activities.
And then, lunch time ! We were so excited to meet each other. We chatted, and laughed so much. We were so noisy. It was very difficult to have the closing ceremony. To be quiet is NOT our virtue !
At the closing ceremony, Rose Lopez, who is the president of AAA San Lorezo, gave a very moving speech, which we liked very much. Then we sang our favorite hymns and prayed together.
We went home, hoping we can work to make peace and a little change for the society, as SME guides us.

Ms Kiku Shimagami, the president of AAA Mino
From AAA( Assumption Alumnae Association) Mino

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