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2 :: Presentation of the Provinces

3e An 2015

The third year community of 2015 is composed of 22 sisters coming from the following provinces : Central America-Cuba, Ecuador-Chile, South Atlantic, Mexico, Southeast Asia, Spain, North Europe, East Africa, West Africa, Rwanda-Tchad, and the region of Madagascar. The first week was a week of getting-to-know each other. Each sister had the occasion to present her Province. Through the presentations, we came to know the Province at large as well as the diverse apostolic ministries of each one. We affirmed with joy the life-giving presence of our communities and affirmed each other in our mission. Through our diverse apostolic projects, we ‘enflesh’ the elements of our charism : fraternal life in community, contemplative presence, apostolic zeal, love for the Church, and the joy to be Jesus’ presence in our communities and to others in the frontiers/periphery.

Our ministries took in various forms : transformative education, working closely with the Lay in this new face of the church which we call Assumption Together, the spirit of Joy and loving service even in the humblest tasks in the community, the elderly sisters ministry of ‘presence’, dispensary, farming and livestock, accompaniment of the young and vocation ministry, catechism in the parish/diocese, insertion in the rural and urban poor areas, working with the migrants and the indigenous people. In all these, we make God’s Kingdom present and alive in our world today.

By : Sr. Aremar Eugenie of the Eucharist


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