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12th - 14th October : Summary of CGP Days


- Monday 12th

After our return from our ‘immersion’ we talked about the experience in our language groups. We all felt the three days had been immensely worthwhile, allowing us to come closer to the lives of the people than we would have imagined possible. We had visited schools, health centres, parishes and had met all kinds of people. We were aware of the struggle that many of them had to bring up their children and live decent human lives. The fervour of Catholics was striking - so was the warmth of the welcome in the communities where we stayed.

In the afternoon we studied the evolution of Assumption Together : it is growing out of the Foundation stage to those of Animation and Support. Giancarlo from Italy spoke of the detailed planning for the International Congress at Leon : 4th - 8th August 2010 and the finance involved.

- Tuesday 13th

This was JPIC-S day. We looked at the progress of the International JPIC Secretariate and its still informal, but valuable, links with VIVAT. Our partnership with LSA was described and the new JPIC website which will be popular - information from the provinces will be vital here ! Three sisters described how JPIC is integrated into their provincial projects in USA, Philippines and Central America. This gave us valuable insights which were discussed. A highlight of the day was a video conference with Sr Cecile who spoke more on the LSA partnership : there was a fruitful discussion going to and fro. Later, examples were prepared and brought to the Assembly to illustrate JPIC in action. We saw how interconnected the countries of the world are, especially in times of crisis : all are affected. We all began to think what JPIC structures were appropriate within our provinces and that these would vary.

- Wednesday 14th

Finance and Solidarity Day. While we looked at accounts from the Mother House we considered four topics : Accounts of the Mother House ; International Fund ; Contribution of Provinces to the Mother House ; Long Term Planning. After discussion we were able to put our questions and concerns personally in a video conference with Sr Nicole. This was clear, lively and helpful ! The afternoon was spent on Solidarity  : reported by Sr Pilar and her assistants. The discussion that followed in our language groups ranged from the severely practical (money !) to the more spiritual aspects (the solidarity of friendship and prayer).

Sr. Mary Simon,

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