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You’ve just sung : This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice on this day. The joy of Easter, to begin with, is a solemn, deep joy ; a joy of eternity. For the apostles, the disciples and all the Church being born, after they had watched Our Lord go through such great suffering and such agonies, the hour of the resurrection was certainly an hour of joy - of joy which like all transitions from great pain to great joy had something serious and solemn about it.

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Carillon de la Chapelle de Worcester, sur le campus universitaire des Assomptionnistes, aux Etats-Unis

This is what is striking in the Office of the Church. Later it becomes more joyous, it recovers all its allure, it multiplies the Alleluias. At first it is still serious and solemn. Easter Day is then a great day ; a day when we must try to make the transition to another life. It is the Sun of Truth, the Sun of Justice which you have received with this risen and glorious body. Try to let him enter everywhere, so that he penetrates everything. Try to let him reign everywhere, so that he illuminates and transforms everything, so that he leads everything in the way of eternity, in the way of heaven. It is as if this morning, at the moment when Our Lord entered into you, each one of you had been transported before the throne of the Lamb in order to worship the one who is seated on the Cherubim in glory and splendour by means of this Lamb-made-food. For an instant we were close to him, by means of this divine flesh. Each one of you has been able to worship him in a way wholly worthy of his majesty, and to praise him in a way wholly pleasing to him. You have been able to cover all your life with this precious blood, this holy blood which penetrates us when it enters us and, like a flash of lightning, reaches to the depths of our hearts. Saint Vincent de Paul says : ’It renews all things, it burns us all things, it purifies all things’. May this be the joy of Easter : deep joy, joy which transforms us, joy which consists in worshipping Jesus Christ in glory, in the power and majesty of his triumph over all the nations of the earth, and of his triumph within us. Use the rest of this day to wish everyone the joy of Easter ; to wish it to Our Lord in such a way that he finds it in all people. Busy yourselves with making that joy enter into you so far as to penetrate the deepest and most intimate places of your heart. May there not be a single part of you, a single faculty, a single thought, a single feeling that does not re-clothe itself and transfigure itself in the most precious blood of Our Lord ! cf. Saint Marie Eugenie,
Chapter of 13 April 1879

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