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06 - Thoughts on the Second Week

CGP 2011

Thoughts on the Second Week (February 6 – 12) of the CGP – “on the wings of mission”...


Having been asked to write about the second week of the CGP that actually began with our “immersion” experience, gave me an opportunity to ask myself, what sort of week that was...
The week began with the “immersion” experiences that gave us an opportunity to be in touch with our brothers and sisters in various situations of want, need and service, as well as with our sisters from the Province of France who welcomed us and zealously gave of themselves so that we may indeed “touch, hear and see” – I think I can say that the second week put us “on the wings of mission”...where we got in touch with the reason why we are here in the first place.
This somehow provided us with a way of looking at –
  • Finance as not apart from the world we are called to serve and be immersed in ;
  • The updates from the Education Commission, the JPIC-S Secretariat as well as the BGSD (Solidarity Desk) that provided us with the “macro” picture, so to speak of what was happening Congregation-wide and beyond in our mission of Transformation Education and the work for Justice and Solidarity ;
  • The Session on Migration that gave us a global picture of the phenomenon of “people on the move” of which we ourselves are included and the many opportunities for networking and learning from each other in order to be able to serve and give of ourselves more fully.
The week ended with our rereading of the “immersion” experiences where we tried to capture what remained with us after all that we have seen, heard and said. We also tried to identify evidences of “new life” being born ; convictions confirmed ; questions evoked.
The week has certainly grown our knowledge and love for our times, for our world, for our mission, for our Assumption ! It has given us the certainty that ours is a “fast-changing and moving time” and yet, as it has been since the time of our beginnings, we are called to be bearers of life, love, hope and joy ! Our reason for being here remains the same, to make Jesus Christ known and loved by the life we live and the loving service we give.
Sr. MarJo Matias, RA



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