Pioneering a School


What sounded impossible was possible ! The 6 sisters moved to Chekereni on the 11th January. By then, only 4 classrooms were ready. The dormitories and the administration building were still under construction and the water drilling was going on. We could not imagine life in such a compound. The sisters were lodged in one of the classrooms : cooking, sleeping, praying, eating all in one place.

The night before the arrival of the students, the sisters finalized the plans for receiving the 2 classes of Form 1 students. The sisters were worried how the students would survive without water and electricity.

Finally the 17th January came and the students started reporting in the morning. Sr. Scholastica, Sr. Anna and Sr. Sarah checked if the students had all the necessary requirements. Sr. Patricia, the school treasurer, was busy receiving the bank slips and the students’ pocket money. Our two teachers, Mr.Umbela and Mr. Ibamba Stephen helped in checking the application forms. All the parents were interviewed by the headmistress before leaving. The cook had already reported the day before and so, had lunch ready for the students. That first day we had 72 students who reported to school. This encouraged the sisters and we felt life could go on despite the delay in completing the buildings.
When the day came to an end the sisters saw the great need for an adequate supply of water. The next morning the sisters bought more tanks and requested the school construction company to help in filling the tanks. Life, thus, began peacefully and the students had what they basically needed. As the days went on the number of students went up to 90. Each class has 45 students. They are a mixture of students who have come from both the English medium and the regular schools.

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