03 October 2009

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Caravane à dos d’ânes

This morning, we sent Diana’s introductory speech to all the Congregation and the Friends of the Assumption, but it might be interesting to return to one passage connected to the notion of traveling across the desert. It’s an image that’s going to mark our “itinerary” throughout this month, so we offer you this photo of a small caravan of donkeys that Diana put into the folder of each provincial :

- Revisiting the theme : “Rooted in Christ, we walk in hope.”"

Sister Diana writes : "Marie Eugenie wasn’t short on hope. She dreamed of a world where no one oppressed another. Her vision of the world as a place of glory for God was fundamental throughout her life. She didn’t spare any effort to make that vision a reality both in herself and in her society."

What is the true nature of hope ? It is the hope of Mary in her Magnificat. It is the hope of the poor Israelite slaves while they marched through the desert. It is the hope of Marie Eugenie when she remembered that her congregation had been founded in great poverty. Our hope is not based on numbers or power, but on faith in the Promise of God. Of course, we’re not going simply to sit down and wait until whatever we’re hoping for arrives. We have to unite ourselves and get going. That’s the reason for the CGP 2009. The word “hope” in Scripture implies acting, going forward, giving oneself, risking, making a pathway. And the CGP will deal with all of that. It’s about uniting and walking. It’s about celebrating our faith in the Paschal Mystery. It’s about seeking out a place to enter, a breach in a complex world. It’s about finding life at the deepest place of reality, and it doesn’t matter whether that life is small or insignificant. All of that is the Mission of Hope.

- Evening : Solemn Celebration of the Opening of the CGP at the Eucharist.

The Mass was celebrated by the Vicar General, Rev. Pascal Seka, and several other priests. Many old friends from the neighborhood were present to live this happy moment with us. The young sisters of the Juniorate led the singing, and everything was joyful and prayerful ! (Later in the month we’ll report on the life in of the sisters in Abidjan, particularly with respect to the Juniorate.)

Sister Marie Danielle,
General Secretary

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Procession d’entrée, Sr Diana, Sr Brigitte
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Procession d’entrée
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L’abbé Pascal Seka préside la messe d’ouverture
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Les jeunes professes du Juniorat
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Conseil général
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Les provinciales d’Afrique
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Les provinciales d’Amérique
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Les provinciales d’Asie
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Les provinciales d’Europe
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La barque de l’Assomption

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