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From Sr. Maria Josefina Matias, Provincial of Philippines-Thailand

2008 - Typhoon "Fengshen"

26 June 2008

Very dear Sisters,

Greetings of PEACE and union of SPIRIT !

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Sr. Maria Josefina Matias

I write to you in the aftermath of the devastation that the recent typhoon Frank (Fengshen) has left in almost every part of our country. You will be able to get details in the news. Certainly, the devastation is vast and widespread. The second floor of our school in Sibalom, Antique, Santa Rita Academy, became shelter for the sick from the nearby hospital where the water was neck-deep. In my last conversation with Sr. Ma. Leticia, Superior of Sibalom, she said that the damage is really extensive. Our place was also under water, waist deep. The water has subsided and now they are dealing with hardened mud and filth. She says it may take them a month to get back to normal. Our school was some kind of an evacuation center. Families have lost loved ones, homes and belonging.

Two of the most affected areas and have been declared Calamity Areas by the government are Antique and Iloilo. Aklan is not much better. The Province has opened a special account to receive all the financial aid that is coming in for these three (3) areas. Those who wish to make contributions may make checks payable to ASSUMPTION SISTERS TYPHOON AID, Exportbank, San Miguel Avenue Branch, Account Number 1111-07439-5. We will facilitate sending money through our Sisters in Iloilo and Sibalom who are working hand in hand with the Church and will therefore be in the best position to know how and whom to help. Thank you to the communities of Thailand for the immediate response before everyone else.

Meanwhile, Sr. Demetria in Iloilo is still confined at the Saint Paul’s Hospital, next door. Sr. Paula Celina who was taken to Makati Medical Center while Typhoon Frank was at its height, for high blood pressure and diabetes, is now much better and convalescing at the Emmaus Community in San Lorenzo. We continue to keep them in our prayers.

Meanwhile, I will be going to Antique on Friday, the 27th so I should have more news when I return.

In loving communion,

Sr. Maria Josefina Matias, RA

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